2012 is the year of surprises in Tamil Cinema. Movies that believed in their story and screenplay value made big budget hypes as big jokes. The music scene also threw up some wonderful promising additions but only the future will tell how they are going to fare.

My lists are not based on box office collections or record sales of music CDs. They are based on personal review that I do after watching movies. So don’t comment to ask why Thuppakki or Billa is not there in the list.

Best Songs / Albums of the year

The list is based on the movies that released in 2012. I think music becomes complete only when it comes on to the celluloid. So most of the albums released from yet to be released movies will not figure in the list. However the top slot will not change in any case. I think it was decided when that album released in September

1. Neethane En Pon Vasantham (tough to choose a song from the album, if I think hard my favourites would be Ennodu Va Va, Katrai Konjam and Mudhal Murai) – Ilaiyaraaja

2. En uyire (listen to all the 3 versions from Karthik, Chitra and Bombay Jayashree) and Yaaro Ivalo (Haricharan). The music is by Achu whose previous effort in Tamil was “Ennai Theriyuma”

3. Vaayamoodi Summa Iruda from Mugamoodi. K’s composition was brilliant and a terrible picturisation. Let’s not talk about the movie 🙂

4. Oh Crazy Minnal from Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom. Wonderful song that went viral on YouTube. Never made it to the movie but it’s on a loop in my iPhone. Ved Shankar Sugavanam is my find of the year in music.

5. Aadi Pona Aavani, Nadu Kadulala from Attakathi – Gaana that kalakified this year. Music by Santhosh Narayan and sung by Gaana Balu

Thaavi Thaavi from Dhoni – Composed by Ilaiyaraaja

Po Nee Po from 3 – Anirudh Ravishankar and sung by Mohit Chauhan. Kolaveri can be famous but not in my list

Best movies of the year

As I said earlier, not even a single big star movie will feature in my list. So don’t be disappointed.

1. Naan E – I haven’t written a review for this movie but this is the best movie of 2012 for me. A fly has beaten all the big stars this year to take the top honours. Jokes apart, SS Rajamouli’s vision and the way he has transformed it on to celluloid is just awesome. He is the most important director in India as of now because there is a big queue outside his house to remake his next movie

2. Pizza – The movie that gave back scary thriller to Tamil movie audience. Wonderfully written by Karthik Subbaraj and some brilliant acting from Vijay Sethupathi made the movie a memorable one.

3. Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom – Whattay movie !!! A different plot that doesn’t make you guilty of laughing at others plight. It also made indie movies a possibility in Tamil after a long time. Please do watch in theatres, if you haven’t 🙂

4. Kadhalil Sodhappavadhu Eppadi – The movie that redefined Romcom in Tamil movies. Hats off to Balaji Mohan for such a sweet movie and Siddharth (along with Nirav Shah) for producing it. Balaji Mohan and Karthik Subbaraj from Nalaya Iyakkunar breed are the finds of year in movies for me.

5. Needhane En Pon Vasantham – might be controversial for a few but I loved the movie. It’s a personal choice and one for the reviewer 🙂

Movies you would not have seen but worth giving a visit

Most of us don’t watch certain movies because they don’t have big ticket actors, producers or directors. But you can find decent movies that are better than most other bug budget craps. Here are some movies that you would not have seen this year, watch it at least in Thiruttu VCD…

The movies are in order of release dates

1. Ambuli – A thriller that mixed folk tale with science

2. Vinmeengal – Love story of a physically challenged person

3. Leelai – Simple urban Rom Com sans complexities

4. Thadayara Thakka – Mafia based murder mystery. Interesting premise but lost the way in implementation. Worth a try.

5. Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathiley – Love story that happens at a coffee shop on a rainy evening. RIP the beautiful Shubha Phutela (heroine of the movie)

6. Madhubana Kadai – A travel inside a TASMAC bar. Ved Shankar’s Kudiyindri is a superb remix.

7. Naan – Vijay Antony’s debut. Although logically flawed, the movie was believable because of Vijay’s acting.

So started this year with a review of 2012. Hope you liked it. I hope to watch more movies and write more reviews next year. A big thanks to all my readers and wish you very happy new year…


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