Remakes have started coming in Tamil Cinema. Fuelled by the success of Billa and Naan Avan Illai (Part 1), we can see a lot of remakes and sequels these days. But the problem is the choice of movies. There are certain movies that you should not touch – for instance Thillu Mullu or even Michael Madana Kamarajan (hope nobody has an idea of remaking that movie). I thought why not give these producers some ideas for some good remakes. I am starting with Kamal movies as I was watching Oru Kaidhiyin Diary yesterday. Here you go, 5 Kamal movies that can be remade…

5. Oru Kaidhiyin Diary

A wonderfully crafted screenplay by Bhagyaraj and from master director Bharathiraja, this movie has all ingredients of an entertainer. An old man after 22 years in jail comes back to take revenge on 3 people who killed his wife. His son raised by his close friend, is the police officer who is trying to nab him. Perfect foil for an actor to do a double role.

There are things that needs some tinkering here because the climax sequence is a surprise for the audience. The director might have to come up with something different from the original.

4. Kalaignan

Kalaignan is about a singer whose fans are killed. The police suspect him while one of the victims' sister woos him to find the truth.

Kalaignan was one of those Kamal movies that was ahead of its time. Audience could not fathom the intensity of the story. The movie failed inspire of some wonderful score by Ilaiyaraaja.

Kamal character in the movie modelled with an effort to create a suspicion in the audience and the master actor portrayed it so brilliantly. I think the audience are matured enough to appreciate such a movie now

3. Guru

Guru was a Robin Hood story set in modern context. The masked character was quite interesting at that time. Kamal had multiple getups and of course it had that eponymous whistle BGM from Raaja. This one can't fail but the only problem would be how to make it relevant for the current generation as we already have too many clones.

2. Vikram

This one will not have the relevance problem. I think till now none of the Indian directors have come up with a convincing spy character. Vikram was way ahead of its time that people questioned how a rocket can go from one place to another at the press of a button. I am serious 🙂

Sujatha's brilliant screenplay created first authentic spy action thriller modelled on James Bond. If it had worked, we would have got a series of movies but it didn't. I seriously think this movie needs a reboot and trust me Tamil audience are ready for such an spy action thriller. Guns, Girls and Gadgets – we want Vikram back

1. Sigappu Rojakkal

This could be a surprise. Why remake a classic? When Billa can have a fresh perspective with a remake, Sigappu Rojakkal can be a wonderful remake with fresh faces. Although it would be tough to fill in Kamal's shoes, I think it would be even more tougher for current generation heroines to match Sridevi.

After all these difficulties, I am still going for a remake of this movie as it gives a wonderful prospect looking at that brilliant screenplay in a modern setup with better production qualities. I hope some good director gives it a shot 🙂

I haven't said which actor should do all these remakes. Surprisingly, I have only one actor in mind. I leave it to your imagination who that would be…


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  1. Well, the surprise is killing me now. Just out of curiosity which actor you have in mind? My guesses would be 1. Vikram, 2. Surya.


    1. I am not going to tell who is my choice.. I think you can enjoy imagining those movies with the preferred actor of choice 🙂


  2. Chance illa …. Ajith thaan


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