Madras to Pondicherry ( 1966)

Somehow if I take some cult classics of 50s and 60s, I always hit upon with the names of Krishnan-Panju… In fact two more movies in my list are directed by them. So I had made a small juggle in the list to avoid repetition.

When do you think the first road movie came in Tamil? Truly, there are only a handful of road movies of which only a few are hits.I could not even think of one now except for the latest Kadhalna Summa Illa.

A road movie is defined as a story which happens during a journey from one place to another. The best example would be Motorcycle Diaries, which tells the transformation of Che Guevara. But the first Tamil road movie is an absolute light hearted comedy entwined with a small mystery, Madras to Pondicherry and that too in 1966 !

The story moves along with the bus journey of a host of interesting characters from Madras to Pondicherry. An ever fighting couple with a son, who has an insatiable appetite for pakoras, a old lady with her grand daughter, a respectable family, a road side vendor, a snake charmer and above all the conductor – driver duo. But the main story revolves around a girl (Kalpana), who escapes from the clutches of two cheats and her love story with a young man in the bus (Ravichandran).She first escapes from her family, who wanted her to be married to their choice of groom and gets in to the hands of two cheats. They promise her to get a role for her in movies. Due to greed one (SV Ramadoss) of them kills the other. Kalpana becomes the witness to the murder and runs for her life, eventually ending up in the bus with others. The journey continues and all’s well that ends well…

Madras to Pondicherry - Nagesh, Karunanidhi, Ravichandran madras to pondicherry

What so special about the movie?

The excellent screenplay of the movie with every scene filled with comic moments and the interesting characters along with apt casting. Nagesh as the conductor and A.Karunanidhi (not our CM) as the driver are memorable. Karunanidhi was one of the underrated comedians, his expressions are simply superb in the movie.

Khader as the Pakora eating son, earned him the name “Pakora Khader” and Veerapan as his irritating father are excellent portrayals. Angamuthu as the road side vendor and her chicken becomes the reason one of the best slapstick comedy sequence. You should watch it to enjoy the fun.

The movie was directed by another director duo of Thirumalai-Mahalingam, scripted by Usilai Somanathan produced by MS Adhi Narayanan of Sun Beam Productions along with 3 others and A Bhimsingh and Music by TK Ramamoorthy.

Why it’s in the list?

Just because it was one of the pioneers in the genre.I have not seen a better road movie idea in Tamil for years. Even in Hindi, they have failed to impress (Daud, Honeymoon Travels, Road).

The critics of Tamil movies always maintained that there are no good representations of genres in Tamil. Madras to Pondicherry is one of those movies, which can be quoted as an instance of difference in Tamil movies. Although half of the movie was made inside the studio due to the technical limitations of those times, the movie has to be hailed for the thought process.

You will be startled to see most of the comic scenes being copied in different formats. Like the snake sequence, the chicken chase sequence and it’s pathetic to see how people are so shameless to copy.

Madras to Pondicherry, a must watch road movie and light hearted comedy.


1. Madras to Pondicherry was remade in Hindi with Amitabh and Aruna Irani with Mehmood doing the Nagesh role. It was called Bombay to Goa and it was a super hit. It was said that Mehmood wanted Rajiv Gandhi to do the role of Amitabh.

2. Mehmood, a fan of Nagesh has done some memorable (some not so memorable) remakes of Nagesh movies in Hindi.(Lakhon Mein Ek – Ethir Neechal, Do Phool – Anubavi Raja Anubavi, Mein Sunder Hoon – Server Sundaram and the list goes on)

3. Veerappan continued to write comedy portions for the movies. In fact most of the comedy sequences of Goundamani-Senthil duo were written by him. Yes, you are right, the master piece Vazhappazha (Banana) comedy of Karagattakaran was written by him only.

4. Thirumalai-Mahalingam later went on to direct some successful comedies like Saadhu Mirandal and Soapu Seepu Kannadi with Nagesh.

5. TK Ramamoorthy was originally with MS Viswanathan and they were called as the “Mellisai Mannargal” (Melody Kings). The first movie they composed music together was Panam (1952) and the last movie they composed music together was Aayirathil Oruvan (1965). They came back one more time for Engiruntho Vandhan (1991).

6. The movie was could have been the brainchild of legendary director A Bhimsingh (he has been credited as direction supervisor) and the movie was shot in Venkateswara Cinetone (originally Newtone Studios). Now, the building has given way to Rajaji School (run by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan). But the movie starts with “Vividh Bharati” presents – Whether All India Radio also called Vividh Bharati released the movie could not be established.


  1. The Hindu – Blast from the Past by Randor Guy 

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  1. I don't know how much times i've watched this movie but i can never forget the pakora sequences 🙂


  2. Interesting post. It was not a movie that I particularly liked, however.

    To my knowledge, MS Viswanthan and TK Ramamoorhy came together long before this picture in 1966 – some of their best songs had already been composed by then. They were assistants together from1951, and go their break in a movie called 'Panam', I think. I remember 'Uthama Pthiran', Pudyal'.'Malayitta Mangai' in the late 50s as some of their earliest By the late 60 s they were ready to part ways


  3. Oops
    Uthama Puthiran did not have music by Viswanathan Ramamoothy. Sorry about that.


  4. This was a nice post about the movie.


  5. Lakshminarayanan October 10 at 9:59 pm

    I feel like immediately watching it now. I have seen a few comedy clippings only.


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