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Happy News – The quiz for the next two weeks will be conducted by my fellow Quizzers – Varun Reddy and Karthik Narayan

Varun Reddy an avid quizzer is currently working as an HR with State Trading Corporation of India in Delhi – contributes questions for our quizzes in Chennai and won a handful of quizzes during college days

Karthik Narayan is the Founder of our club Indian Quizzing League. I call him the “myth guru” – quiz expert with Hindu Mythology, a long time quiz partner and lately he contributed questions for Landmark Quiz – Bangalore.

Their questions will be posted early morning and will be valid till mid-night. You can answer through Twitter and Facebook also

So the last question before they take over tomorrow.

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  1. This qn is like kadak chai with an extra spoon of chamach!! Leaves a bit of bitter sweet taste in your mouth…

    To answer the q – this has got a lot to do with the recent wikileaks revelations where Putin is called Alpha Dog… Iran Prez is called Hiter and so on…
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  2. Disclosures by the secret web site WikiLeaks have coded French President Nicholas Sarkozy as an "Emperor without clothes", Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as 'Hitler' and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an "Alpha Dog". and Medvedev his Robin
    My recent post QUIZ 53


  3. Emperor without clothes, Hitler, Alpha dog and Robin. Names given by US diplomats for world leaders, though I will admit I'm not sure about who was what :). I know Putin was called Alpha Dog and Ahmadinejad was called Hitler


  4. […] guess Patrick introduced me and Karthik yesterday. My name is Varun Reddy, and I would be one of the two guest quizzers for the next 2 weeks. I came […]


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