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The connect is Ayn Rand, the Author of Fountain Head and Atlas Shrugged. The monograph written on the polish actress Pola Negri is the first literature written by her (Brown Tinted old Pic), her frist successful screenplay that was  sold to Universal Studios was called ” Red Pawn”, which was never made as a movie but “Night of January 16th” was the first play/ movie that saw the light. She was an extra in Cecille De Mille’s Movie The King of Kings, where she met her future husband Frank Connor

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First to answer – Ishwar

First to answer with complete connect – Ilamparithi






Today’s Question – For all the comic Buffs

Identify this Marvel character and it’s modeled on whom?

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  2. Ravi Shanker October 28 at 2:17 am

    Nick Fury – Director of S.H.E.I.L.D modeled on some a British agent of the queen.Will give you the name after i look it up..AFAIR it resembles a srilankan name


  3. Character Name: Nick Fury
    Modelled on: Samuel L. Jackson


  4. i even answered the first question.. left yu a message in FB cos i dint knw where to post 😛

    question3: this is Ultimate Nick Fury modelled on Samuel.L.Jackson .. Jackson appeared in the Iron Man series with this getup


  5. Ilamparithi October 28 at 5:34 am

    General Nick Fury – An alternate version rather than the traditional Nick Fury who was Caucasian, this African American General Nick Fury was modeled after actor Samuel L. Jackson


  6. Ultimate Nick Fury of Marvel Comics


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