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After the lengthy text question yesterday, today we have a simple visual that made waves this year. This would be my last question, and tomorrow we will have the last question of our Guest Quiz series with a question by Karthik rounding up our proceedings 🙂

Q13: What are you looking at below?

Answer: First issue of “Inspire”, the English magazine released by the infamous Al Qaeda 🙂

The first correct answer was given by Micheal – Congrats !!! BratX, Soumya K. Ghosh and Ajaal/Gujaal also chipped in with the right one. Well tried by Vidyasagar. Thank you all for attempting.

Varun Reddy.

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  1. something to do with wikileaks


  2. Cover of Al-Queda's magazine, called "Inspire"….
    May our souls be Sacrificed for you!

    Exclusive Interview with Shaykh Abu Basik

    Make a Bomb in the kitchen of your Mom -The AQ Chef

    Asrar Al-Mujahideen 101 -Terrorist

    The West should ban the Niqab covering its real face -Yahya Ibrahim.


  3. Inspire is an English language online magazine reported to be published by the organization Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
    My recent post QUIZ 59


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