When you make an album out of original scores of Maestro Ilayaraja, you should also be careful about making any mistakes . Ardent followers of Ilayaraja like me can identify even the smallest of the mistakes record labels make. Agi Music recently released an album of 20 interesting original scores of Ilayaraja from different movies titled “Colours of Raaja”. Although I have most of them, I downloaded the album for the sheer quality of sound it gave me.
I was listening to the album yesterday and I found startling misrepresentation of a fact. Track 19 was listed as Sathi Leelavathi and I was so sure that track given was not from that movie. I tried to recollect and it dawned to me that it was from Marupadiyum. Coincenidentally, KTV played that movie yesterday night and my revelation had a proof

I know it’s a mistake but such misrepresentations will not go well with Maestro’s fans. Moreover, there will be a lot of new listeners and they will have a wrong fact in their hands. Was it because of the stark  similarities between the two movies? Both the movies are directed by Balu Mahendra with similar storylines. One serious and the other humorous.

Anyways time to change it Agi Music. Are you Listening?


1. Listen to track 19 in this link


2. Marupadiyum Original from YouTube

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