Bala is a talented director. He has this wonderful talent of making movies with strong and raw emotions. The other thing I like about him is his faith in ilaiyaraja..

Naan Kadavul is his 4th movie. Till now I consider Sethu as his master piece because of the same raw emotion of love and a very poignant ending. Naan Kadavul should have been made with Ajith in the lead. I felt very happy about the combo, because I always feel Ajith has been under used in most of his movies. But Bala’s eventual spat and his arrogant approach in Ajith’s issue left a bad taste in me. Anyways it’s unfortunate that they could not be together.

Now for the music album of Naan Kadavul. You can definitely find that proof why Ilaiyaraja is a Genius. It technically has 6 tracks.

1. Om Shiva Om – the best track of the album. Although I am a non- believer, I love Raaja’s devotional tracks like “Janan”. This one is of that cadre. It gets in to your heart and takes you to a different world. The genuinity of the track is so overwhelming.

2.Pitchai Pathiram – The song is from Rajavin Ramana Maalai- a must have for all Raaja Fans. But it has a freshness due to the voice of Madhu Balakrishnan

3. Amma Un Kovilil- Another rendering from Raajavin Ramana Maalai. I dunno how Sadhana Sargam could sing so good in Tamil when she sings for Raaja alone. A definite candidate for her next national award. A very poignant rendering with strong lyrics. A sure shot tear jerker.

4. Madha Un Kovilil – by Madhumitha is a short different version of the previous track

5 6 – Kannil Parvai Kaatril Alayum -Shreya Ghoshal is the modern day Janaki for Raaja. A sure addition to all his albums from her first song with Raaja. I think these two songs should be the sad love montages between the lead characters. Don’t miss Raaja’s voice in Katril Alayum.

A master piece from Raaja. Of course it’s the BGMs where he is going to take our hearts away. Waiting for Nandalala too with Myskkin.

I dunno whether Aham Brammahasmi ( I am God) suits the movie or Bala, but it definitely suits Ilaiyaraja, because he is the God of Music.

P.S. Why don’t producers sell the original soundtrack of Raaja BGMs like the way they do it for Hollywood Movies?

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