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In my friend circles I'm known as Dr B; I like to believe it's because my name is Dr Bookish. In my post-PhD quest to find a book-based job (that allowed me to buy food – one of my other major passions, apart from music), I've been a lecturer and translator before channelling my trained pedantry towards editing those books I love so much. In the coming weeks, I'm hoping to share my many thoughts about books, food, and their intersections with identity – mine in particular, but also looking in more general terms at the thrills and pitfalls inherent in navigating the world around us all.

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Eating (your)self – Part II

In this follow-up post, Madhubanti explores her personal experiences of identity stereotypes and hypocritical discourses related to inauthenticity.

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Eating (your)self : are you what you eat?

This food metonym holds within it some serious implications for personal and community identity, with additional gendered connotations for women. But it's just food, you might think. The truth is,...