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50 Tamil movies to watch before you Die – 15 – Naan Avan Illai

Naan Avan Illai (1974) No No No I am not speaking about the crappy remake directed by Selva with Jeevan in the lead. This is the classic of K.Balachander and...

/ March 15
sila nerangalil sila manithargal sila nerangalil sila manithargal

50 Best Tamil Movies – 14 – Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal

Thanks to all those who still continue to read me even though I am very erratic in posting. On the revival of the series, I have made a separate page...

/ March 9
Muhammad Bin Tughlaq - Sylvianism muhammad bin tughlaq

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 13 – Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

I think 13 became an unlucky number for this series of posts. The last post in this series came in October 2009 (That’s awfully long for a series of posts)....

/ April 2
enga veetu pillai

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 12 – Enga Veetu Pillai

I didn’t like Aadhavan, and I gave a critical review of the movie. The critical examination started immediately after the film, and my friends were criticising me that I am...

/ October 29
kappalottiya thamizhan kappalottiya thamizhan

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 11- Kappalottiya Thamizhan

The Tamil history is full of legends, interesting anecdotes and wonderful heroic stories. But the number of historical movies and historical fictions is very minimal. The ones who came are...

/ October 9
anbe vaa Anbe Vaa

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 10 – Anbe Vaa

Romantic Comedies are a rarity in Tamil Cinema. I believe a perfect Romantic Comedy should have the right proportions of both romance and comedy. How many Tamil movies you have...

/ July 21

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 9 – Thiruvilayadal

The early Tamil movies had a right mix of genres. There were masala action as there were socio-political movies, there were fairy tales as there were historical fictions. I think...

/ July 10
digambara samiyar

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 8 – Digambara Samiyar

The world knows Indian movies as wholesome entertainers with songs, dance, action sequences, sentiments and comedy packages. The trend of such entertainment packages or masalas as it is rightly called...

/ July 3
server sundaram

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 7 – Server Sundaram

The definition of Anti-Heroism has been misinterpreted in many places referring it to those lead characters which have some grey shades too. But according to me and even movie analysts,...

/ June 19

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 6 – Sabapathy

I am travelling 10 years back to talk about a legend. I am reading some books on Tamil Movies in order to give some good triviae. One of them which...

/ June 4