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quantified self

Quantified Self: The unrelenting co-construction of gamified self

Disclaimer: Major parts of the article have been sourced from my academic dissertation submitted to the University of Southampton for my MSc., Digital Marketing course. I am trying to introduce...

/ August 18
viral cat pictures

Why cats rule the Internet?

I wrote this essay as an assignment for a module in my MSc Digital Marketing course. Don’t ask me how much marks I made but I really liked writing it....

/ June 11
quantified self

The Quantified Life (or the unrelenting obsession with numbers)

Trigger 1: I write movie reviews on my blog. Like many other movie reviewers, I end every review with number of stars that I am willing to give the movie....

/ February 25

Slacktivism: Guilty as charged

Everyone in social media is an activist nowadays. A like or a share or retweet is the only thing needed to become an activist on a social network. They support...

/ November 14

A case for virtue ethics in marketing

The idea for this post started during the lecture on ethics. Two modern ethical frameworks were discussed – teleology and deontology. I have faced ethical problems at my work place...

/ November 6
marketing jobs

5 marketing jobs that you will apply for in 2064

People would not have guessed the fancy titles that we have in marketing today. Social media manager, digital marketing manager and mobile marketing manager were non-existent ten years back. So...

/ October 28

The ugly face of Feminist Consumerism

Airtel, one of the leading telecom providers from India aired an advertisement that was supposed to break gender barriers at work, but the ad also reinstated another long standing gender...

/ October 26

Device Fingerprinting: is this the most dangerous weapon of digital marketers?

When the NSA tracking scandal broke out, the whole world raged about the privacy of common people. But the truth is that we have been silently giving out our personal...

/ October 21