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Chennai 600028 Second Innings movie review

Movie Review – Chennai 600028 Second Innings – Home Ground Advantage

The most common thing you see with directors when they fail with a couple of movies, they go back to their basics. It works with a few directors but for...

/ December 15
identity_blog_post_sylvianism identity

Eating (your)self – Part II

In this follow-up post, Madhubanti explores her personal experiences of identity stereotypes and hypocritical discourses related to inauthenticity.

achcham-enbathu-madamaiyada-review-sylvianism Acham Enbathu Madamayada Review

Movie Review : Acham Enbathu Madayamada – Fear the worst

Acham Enbathu Madamayada is a strange concoction that is unbearable to swallow even with good butter popcorn.

/ November 14
food and identity

Eating (your)self : are you what you eat?

This food metonym holds within it some serious implications for personal and community identity, with additional gendered connotations for women. But it's just food, you might think. The truth is,...

Ponmanai Theduthe

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 7/365 – Ponmanai Theduthe

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Recently, Kamal Hassan crooned for an Ilaiyaraaja tune – the movie is Muthuramalingam and has Gautam Karthik in the lead. Maestro has scored music for...

/ November 7
Kashmora movie review

Movie Review : Kashmora – Kashtam Da

The directors should stop underestimating the audience, and the argument that people come inside the theatre just for laughs have been debunked multiple times in the last two years.

/ October 29

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 33 – Nayagan

Past few choices in this list have been popular ones and this one will be the pinnacle of popular choices. Not so surprisingly, there was a discussion on the main...

/ October 23
quantified self

Quantified Self: The unrelenting co-construction of gamified self

Disclaimer: Major parts of the article have been sourced from my academic dissertation submitted to the University of Southampton for my MSc., Digital Marketing course. I am trying to introduce...

/ August 18
kabali review

Movie Review : Kabali – Neither here nor there

Writing about a Rajini movie is a futile exercise. After all, if I give a good review, the post might might get shared and if I give a bad review,...

/ July 31

Life is a trivia for a Quizzer

It was a lazy Sunday morning in Bangalore and we (me,Sana and Ananth) took a budget hotel room in Cottonpet road to refresh, get ready etc… We were unaware of...

/ March 3