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50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 33 – Nayagan

Past few choices in this list have been popular ones and this one will be the pinnacle of popular choices. Not so surprisingly, there was a discussion on the main...

/ October 23
quantified self

Quantified Self: The unrelenting co-construction of gamified self

Disclaimer: Major parts of the article has been sourced from my academic dissertation submitted to University of Southampton for my MSc., Digital Marketing course. I am trying to introduce a...

/ August 18
kabali review

Movie Review : Kabali – Neither here nor there

Writing about a Rajini movie is a futile exercise. After all, if I give a good review, the post might might get shared and if I give a bad review,...

/ July 31

Life is a trivia for a Quizzer

It was a lazy Sunday morning in Bangalore and we (me,Sana and Ananth) took a budget hotel room in Cottonpet road to refresh, get ready etc… We were unaware of...

/ March 3

5 Best Songs of 2009 ( Tamil & Hindi)

This blog post will be the start for the annual round up blog posts from my side. The music of 2009 was intriguing rather than interesting when it came Tamil...

/ December 29

5 Movies to watch in 2010

The year end lists are always interesting to read. The IMDB’s best movie list, Time person of the year and Amazon’s top books list are eclectic to read… So I...

/ December 23

The Unknown Gems of Ilaiyaraja – 1

It irks me when I see so many music composers claim that they are the best in music when their total number of movies doesn’t even cross the number of...

/ September 24

Lunch Notes – 21.09.2009 – The Curious Case of High Salaried Employees

I was too tired to go to office today. But I eventually did as I had a whole lot of work to do. Prakash was missing today and Ashish from...

/ September 22

Why Australian Cricket Team and BJP are same?

The loss of Ashes for Australian Cricket Team coincided with the infamous ousting of Jaswant Singh from BJP, the second largest national party in India. Jaswant Singh was ousted because...

/ August 26

Reality Check

If I was Collingwood, I would want to shoot down the Indian media, come on guys give some credit to the England Team, they played good cricket and exposed the...

/ June 15