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ratha kanneer

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 3 – Ratha Kanneer

Ratha Kanneer (1954) There is always an argument which goes on in the Tamil movie world on Who is the best actor … And always they end up with one...

/ May 6

The Song that struck me like a bolt

I laze out on Sundays. I never want to go out anywhere nor do any work. I always want to do only one work. That’s sleeping. Yesterday I was browsing...

/ April 20

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you die – 2 – Chandralekha

Few pointers before going to the second movie. 1. Thank you readers for commenting and supporting me on the series.. Thank you Ravi for tweeting about it. 2. I am...

/ April 17
andha naal

50 Tamil Movies to watch before you Die – 1 – Andha Naal

For those who are fond of international movies ( other than Indian movies and Hollywood), UTV World Movies is a boon. They run a series called 50 Movies to watch...

/ April 16

Movie Review: Anandha Thandavam- Sujatha will not smile

I love Sujatha’s writings. I grew up with his writings. He is always futuristic in his concepts, radical and thought provoking. I read most of his series through my Mom’s...

/ April 15

Saturday Review – Slumdog Millionaire

What’s the easiest way to do a movie about India? Take a book about India, add scenes from Salaam Bombay, Black Friday, Mani Ratnam’s Bombay, City of God ( exactly...

/ January 29

Aham Brammahasmi – Naan Kadavul Music Review

Bala is a talented director. He has this wonderful talent of making movies with strong and raw emotions. The other thing I like about him is his faith in ilaiyaraja.....

/ January 5

Saturday Reviews 2 – Raman Thediya Seethai & A Wednesday

After the reviews of Dasavatharam and Jaane Tu Ya Na, there was dearth of reviews from my side because I did not see any new movies. I was determined to...

/ September 30

Saturday Reviews – 1 – Dasavatharam & Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Dasavatharam – One Intelligent Affair with Chaos Theory. When you go to a Kamal’s movie, you expect two things. One, it will be different from other usual Tamil Masalas and...

/ July 13


I prefer to say about preferences Why some movies impress you instantly and why you hate some movies,without any valid reasons? I have always loved movies which others loved and...

/ May 6