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Kodi review

Movie Review – Kodi : Half-mast

*Spoilers ahead* Although Tamilnadu is an active political state, Tamil movies haven’t explored the genre of political thrillers. Almost every masala movie might have a cliched politician, but directors are...

/ October 29

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 33 – Nayagan

Past few choices in this list have been popular ones and this one will be the pinnacle of popular choices. Not so surprisingly, there was a discussion on the main...

/ October 23
remo review

Movie Review : Remo – Vachu Senjitange

இந்த Sylvianism விமர்சனம் எப்ப வரும் எப்படி வரும்னு தெரியாது ஆனா வர வேண்டிய நேரத்துல correctஆ வருm (You don’t know when and how Sylvianism’s review will arrive but it will arrive at the...

/ October 9
Andavan Kattalai review

Movie Review : Andavan Kattalai – Muzhusa Varala

This review is dedicated to that family guy who was staring at me for laughing at some jokes. I still don’t know why he gave those stares. After Kutrame Thandanai,...

/ October 3
kutrame thandanai review

Movie Review : Kutrame Thandanai – Slow Elixir

When you read reviews of any Tamil thriller movie, you will come across this adjective “fast-paced”. Thrillers are supposed to be fast-paced with multiple twists and turns but on the...

/ September 14
Iru Mugan Review

Movie Review: Iru mugan – Hero worship of a different kind

One question plagued my mind before and after I watched the movie. I was thinking why the director chose to name the movie as “Iru mugan”. Neither Love or Akilan...

/ September 9
kabali review

Movie Review : Kabali – Neither here nor there

Writing about a Rajini movie is a futile exercise. After all, if I give a good review, the post might might get shared and if I give a bad review,...

/ July 31
iraivi review

Movie Review : Iraivi – Empty Vessel

I am amazed at the extremely polarised discussion on Iraivi – an average movie that should have been just passed along like many other Tamil movies that come every week....

/ June 11
uriyadi review

Movie Review: Uriyadi – One Good Shot

The tax rebate for U certificate movies has created a huge problem for Tamil movie directors. They are not prepared to show raw emotions on screen. Be it love, sex...

/ June 1
24 tamil movie review

Movie Review: 24 – Death of Sci-Fi

Disclaimer: I am a Sci-Fi lover and this review will have that tone and colour but at the same time I am not a scientist to understand every aspect related...

/ May 9