Category: Guest Quiz (IQL)

A Question A Day: 32

Hi friends Today‚Äôs question was set by me ūüôā Q3: You can see 4 flags below. These are flags of ¬†some ‚Äúcountries‚ÄĚ, two of which attained a special status on...

/ December 5

A Question A Day: 31

Hi friends This question was made by Karthik Narayan. As I mentioned yesterday, I will be putting up my question and Karthik’s question on alternate days. This is a classic KN style...

/ December 4

A Question A Day: 30

Good Morning !! I guess Patrick introduced me and Karthik yesterday. My name is Varun Reddy, and I would be one of the two guest quizzers for the next 2 weeks. I...

/ December 3