Wow what a start to Euro 2008. The first match saw the hosts Swiss and Czech Republic fight it out for glory. It was a tough call, to say which team dominated the match. Swiss created a lot of chances but ended up on the losing. The fiery czechs, seem to be defending but ended up winning the match. Swiss with the home advantage and with host young players like Barnetto should have clinched the game easily. But the lack of good striker in the team showed up. But for the czechs its was Strevkos, made a wonderful last minute shot. The loss of their captain Robert Frei was a big one for Swiss.

There were two instances when Swiss were denied penalties by the referee when Tomas Ujfalusi, the Czech Defender was hit by the ball in hand. Anyways its a close call…

The better team won the day.

Portugal Vs Turkey

What happens when you have World class defenders like Pepe and Petit, world class midfielders like Nani, Ronaldo and SImoa and a woderful coach in Scholari, you are branded as one of the favorites of the tournament. Turkey was  outplayed all together by Portugese juggernaut. Turkey should be happy that they ended up losing by two goals. One disallowed offside goal from Pepe, awesome free kick saved by the Turkish Goal keeper ( who else Ronaldo, man he has that ability shoot exactly in whatever angles you can think off), Gomes hitting the side bar and cross bar ( I thought he could not match Ronaldo with the passes,but he was unlucky yesterday).

And the reason for saying day of defenders, because Pepe, who was denied the goal initially made his day with a little help from Turkish defender Asik and a wonderful run from Ronaldo with a pass to Maurinho and his little nudge to Raul (another defending midfielder) finishing it for Portugese. The only saving grace for Turkey is the wonderful goal keeper, they have who was awesome in goal keeping and both the goals were defending mistakes.

So my favorite team has started with a winning note (atlast man)….

Lets see how the coming matches make it….

PS: When I am writing this review, Fedex lost to Nadal again. Nadal proved that he is the current king of clay (I don’t rate him bigger than Bjorn Borg), Will Fedex prove that he is the current king of grass in Wimbledon (Of course, I don’t rate better than any other greats like Agassi, Pete, Ashe, etc.,)

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