It was almost 2 Am something in the morning and i was ready to go to sleep because Portugal was already losing the match and Turkey was 1-2 down to the Czechs and i expected the strong Czech team to hold on for the next 10 min. But something made me to stay back and see the match.

Wow what a fight back. Everybody say Cricket is the Game of glorious uncertainties but yesterday proved again why Football is more interesting than a cricket match. I think it was 1998 world cup when South Korea nearly beat Germany by last two minute goals. And it was yesterday, when a captain showed why he is rated and loved so much in his country.

Nihat’s first goal was a mistake from Cech ( Czech Goal Keeper) as the ball slipped through his hands and a gentle tap from Nihat equalised the goal difference. For a world class goal keeper and one of the best in the world it was a moment of despair.

I still thought its going to be a penalty shootout between the two teams to decide the outcome. But it didn’t happen that way, a small mistake from the defenders,let Nihat hit a glorious ball to the far post, slamming in to the cross bar and it was all over for the Czechs.

But the great man called destiny never allows you to settle down so easily. The Turkey goal keeper pushes Koller on ground and referee signals a red card. Two minutes to go, all the substitutions of Turkey elapsed, Tuncany takes the goal keeper gloves for 2 min.

If Czechs had made a final thrust, it would have been different but they didn’t. Turkey went through the quarterfinals for the first time in a european championship. It was the day of twists and turns …I think we can expect more..

Check out the Match Highlights

PS: Portugal rested 8 players in the original team and Scholari checked his bench strength with Switzerland and Swiss capitalized to get a reconciliatory win over the Portugal.



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