So its getting hotter and hotter, Ok Vetri at last i am giving credit to Germany for their wonderful

mid field play and keeping Ronaldo – Gomes in check. I always have fear towards Germany and it goes to infinite levels when they play my favorite team, It started from a very small age when i was about 8 and the 1990 world cup. I could not see Maradona walking out for a red card and Germany winning by a lone penalty. Last world cup too, it happened to Argentina ( although it was a mistake from Pekerman, taking Riquelme out). wished that Portugal wins the Quarterfinal and of course my favorite team jinx with Germany came true this time too.

The Truth is Portugal played badly and Germany played well. And ofcourse the last goal from Ballack pushing the defender was a typical of Germany. I don’t blame anybody for that because its part and parcel of the game. And we don’t need any technology stuff to break that. It keeps the charm of the game. But i could not see Scholari ‘s face after that goal. He was just gesturing the same. And the irony of the whole story is Ballack is playing in Chelsea and Scholari will coach him next season…

The next quarterfinal saw croatia fighting it out with Turkey. When a player hits the cross bar or the post while trying for a goal, never hits the goal again in the match ( This theory was given by one of my friends) but it happend to Ivan Olic of Croatia. he had slew of chances and never found the net. This match was perfect for a heart patient. If any of them had seen this match, they would have taken a straight flight to vaikundam or heaven. Croatia hits a goal in 119th minute (1 minute before the end of the match) and Turkey equalizes in the injury time just 2 minutes after. Can you Imagine???? Ufff, i could not think about the emotions that would have run in the hearts of their fans.

That moment of madness led to the downfall of Croatia, i think they could not believe that they have been equalized and their focus were torn in to pieces. Except Srna all the top players miss their penalties and Rustu ( the old war horse, can you believe that he is 35,the saves he made were unimaginable) hitting the final nail in to the Croatian dreams.

No wonder their fans went on a rampage after the match…

I will miss Slaven Bilic ( Croatian Coach), the most expressive Coach i have ever seen. If you make the montage of his reactions, it will become the perfect drama and depict Croatia’s game yesterday.

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