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Thanks for your support in reading my blogs. For the last two days, you might not have received my blog posts on your readers. My Feedburner account started showing “0” readers today morning. I thought it’s time to move away from Feedburner. I have been dabbling with this idea since Google Reader was closed. I think it’s high time for the change. So I have moved my feeds to Feedcat

What has changed?

1. My blog feeds will be delivered using Feedcat services instead of Feedburner. So I request all of you to to click the below link or the button on the sidebar to resubscribe to my feeds, so that you get my blog posts daily. (Please resubscribe)

2. If you are using Google Reader, please change it to Feedly ( seamless transition guaranteed). You can add directly on to Feedly. Click add content and search for, you can subscribe to my blog feeds.

What hasn’t changed?

1. Email subscription hasn’t  changed – WordPress was handling it for me and it will continue to do so.

Thank you and I hope you will support me in this transition.


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  1. yeah feedcat is the best for me too


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