Internet has become part and parcel of our lives. That’s an age old statement. Google has become a part and parcel of our lives is the new statement. And it’s an under statement.

Elections in India are like festivals. The hoopla, money and the madness are intriguing and also interesting. This year is no difference but there is a huge swing by the political parties towards a new medium called “Internet”. From Google Ads to Tech Crunch, Advani is asking people to vote for a change. Shashi Tharoor with his Facebook page.

It’s all happening in India.You can call it Obama effect but i would say a pragmatic move because 42 Million new voters are going to vote this year and to woo young voters, you should be there where they are.

There are some nice initiatives from some private and public institutions to increase awareness of voting. Like the of Tata Group, by the Chief Election Commissoner of Tamilnadu along with Liberty Institute of India

But Google is doing what it can do the best, giving access to information. Google along with Hindustan Times has started a campaign called “Be an Informed Voter”, where you get real time aggregation of information from different news sites, election quotes and most importantly information about your constituency. They have most probably aggregated the news from the Indian Census and provide information like literacy rate, urbanisation, mortality rate, development etc., I tried my hand on Thanjavur (my consitutency). Check that out here

Thanjavur Consitutency in Google

And you can personalise your page accordingly to get specific information about your constituency. A nice initiative from the Internet Giant.

Check out the Tech Crunch post on the same and for more information on Internet Marketing Initiatives of Indian Politicians check here ( an article by Gauvrav Mishra)

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