Do you know how to market your products to Indian Politicians and Bureaucrats? Ah there is one simple way – Money but how do you attract them to even look at your product? How will you do your advertisements?

A few ideas

1. Showing bribe offers in the advertisement – 30% commission on the purchase of the product.

2. Showing some plush properties as a gift.

3. “Sting Operation Free” assurance.

I dunno whether you will see these kind of adverts but one intelligent Israeli company (that’s a universal truth. I haven’t seen a dumb Jew) has come up with a sexy ad for wooing the Indian bureaucrats and politicians. Rafael (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems) has made a bollywoodish advertisement. They have some dancers dressed in India lehengas with all missiles all around as props. The most important part is the song – “Dinga Dinga Dee” and the way it has been written. It speaks about security, protection and being together ;)…

Have a look at it …

Freakonomics reported that they eventually sold some missiles to Indian Government after the ad and Times of India is angry about it. If you have a Google search for it, most of them feel it atrocious. But as a marketer, i thought it was intelligent, cheeky and extremely innovative. Your take…?

P.S: I think the music is a copy of an hindi song, I am unable to identify it. Give it a try.

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