You get a ticket to one of the most awaited movies of the year. When you step in to the theater, you are given one of the most complex mazes on the giant screen to solve. How would you feel? Feel like killing the director? But what if you fall in love with the brilliance of the movie maker? Inception is one such rare gem.

Inception is just like its plot. Impossibly awesome, overtly brilliant and challenges you every moment. It’s part heist, part psycho thriller, part James Bondish topped with Kubrick style intelligence. Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio) is a mind extractor who can skillfully get in to the minds of people to extract information. Saito (Ken Watanabe) one of the corporate head honcho wants Cobb to incept an idea in to his competitors mind. A idea that will break the biggest energy conglomerate. What Cobb will get is an amnesty to get back in to US and be with his children. Cobb forms his team along with his associate Arthur (Joseph Gordon Levitt), who researches the subjects before the actual extraction. Ariadne (Ellen Page), a master architect who creates dream spaces, Eames ( Tom Hardy), who can forge as anybody inside the dream and Yusuf (Dileep Rao) who creates compounds thats needed to make people get in to the dream world are the team members. Cobb in between needs to fight his wife Mal (Marion Cottilard) inside the dreams who tries to sabotage the whole plan.

Inception demands your concentration throughout the movie and earns it with respect. Not a single scene is wasted, not a single dialogue is unwanted and never does it lag in pace.   The conceptualisation of dreams, sequences and way its deftly handled shows the mastery of Christopher Nolan in every frame. The way he has handled his dialogues is just mind blowing. The different connotations when the same statements given by 3 different people are just amazing. What an actor Dicaprio has become, the way he eases through Cobb’s character and his interactions with Marion and Ellen Page are brilliantly done. The supporting cast have done their job so perfectly. Hans Zimmer’s background score is one of the strengths of the movie.

Inception is inexplicably good because it challenges the viewer with its smartness. It makes you think every moment. Even a momentary slip would get you confused. It’s unbelievably flawless and a sincere attempt to redefine movies. It’s a very long time that a movie has made you think.

Christopher Nolan has made a good shot at the seat of Stanley Kubrick’s heir. Watch Inception as much as you can provided you have your totem with you. I needed it when i came out of the theater 🙂

A 4.5/5 and miss it at your own peril.

P.S: I am going to check the movie again in a hope to find a mistake 🙂

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  1. karthik narayan July 21 at 4:34 pm

    brilliant movie no doubt.


  2. I thought the character development was poor, besides that of Cobb. That aside, it was quite a good flick.
    I have a vague feeling that there is a flaw somewhere in there that is being poosi-mazhufied by the visuals and the dialogues.


    1. I am trying to find that poosi mazhuppifying part. Lets hope i find it. Ok a few website try to give – its not until you find and get convinced :). Thanks for your observation on character sketches but i don't think it would have helped the length of the movie if it he explained the other character sketches. And also it gives so many options of theories 🙂


  3. Deborah Loman November 3 at 12:29 pm

    I believe that I’m going to go and watch Inception for a second time. I absolutely liked it!


    1. Thanks for the comment Deborah. It's an instant classic


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