Indian No: 4                 P.Chidambaram – The  Dream Team

Only in India you can see an innovative finance minister looking to tax you even in the tiniest of the incomes you can get. From transaction tax to fringe benefit tax, this guy taxes you on all four sides and 100 ways but everything is for the betterment of the people. A Harvard graduate PC is regarded as one of the most competent ministers in the cabinet. He along with Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia as the planning commission chief is considered to India’s dream economic team. Always campaigning to people to pay their taxes. We always feel that the govt. is not providing us necessary amenities like the other developing countries. In developed countries like the Scandinavian countries, the income tax goes up to 60 % and they pay their taxes regularly. Think about India and how the govt. has left us scot-free.  The tax reforms PC coming up with is the best for India currently. And I salute him for his tax reforms. He is my No: 4

Indian No.3      N.R. Narayana Murthy – Modest Businessman

You are the Chairman of the India’s most profitable company and you attain the retirement age. Will you relinquish your job? 99% of you will not. One man did. His name is NR Narayanamurthy. His story was not a fairy tale like Bill Gates. His was a rose garden built on a bed of thorns. His company was started with 7 people and Rs.50000 cash and now it has 70,000 employees with annual revenues of US $ 2.15 Billion. In May 2006, Narayana Murthy has, for the fifth year running, emerged the most admired business leader of India in a study conducted by Brand-comm, a leading Brand Consulting, Advertising and PR firm. In November 2006, Time magazine featured him in its list of “Asian Heroes”. The list featured people who have had a significant impact on Asian history over the past 60 years and it included others such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa etc. He is my Indian No.3 for his modesty and values.

Indian No.2         Munnabhai – Gandhigiri is the buzzword of 2007

I always had a doubt whether movies make a difference in a person’s life? The doubts were cleared when I read reports of how munnabhai made a difference to lot of people in India. For the people who are unaware (which will be 1%), Munnabhai is a fictional character from the bollywood films Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai. Munna Bhai, and his sidekick Circuit, forms the integral part of the series. Munna Bhai’s formal name is “Murli Prasad Sharma.” And Sanjay Dutt portrays it. In the second movie, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Munna Bhai becomes a faux-professor, helping people solve their problems through Gandhism — the practice and principles of Mahatma Gandhi. This film led to the popular use of a new term — Gandhigiri.

Although I have my reservations on Gandhi and his practices, Gandhigiri would be a solution for the atrocities happening in this country. And that was portrayed in the movie vividly with a tint of comedy. People started adapting Gandhigiri in their daily lives and there were reports on how a guy transformed two people by cleaning the wastes thrown by them in a train. Be it a faux or truth, it shows that people have started thinking about it and it is a positive sign for India.

 Munnabhai was screened in the UN and an 13 October, 2006 article in The Boston Globe, states that this reawakening of an interest in Gandhi through the concept of Gandhigiri has had a positive impact in India and suggests, “What America needs is a film that encourages people to take up Gandhigiri, Kinggiri, or Kennedygiri. If it worked for Bollywood, it could work for Hollywood.”

Trivia: I had planned this list long before and I was having a doubt whether people would give bad reviews on having a fictional character in the list. But Munnabhai has been chosen as the Indian of the Year in a poll by NDTV.


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  1. Lalu prasad Yadav….This man had been a controversial person to me,since the day he was introduced to me…..I loved commenting on him..and i did love laughing at jokes based on him and funny newspaper cartoons of his….but my whole view about him changed when i saw him giving his report in the cabinet….it is not a easy task for any one to report a profit for Indian Railway..which was even struggling to break-even for a long time….as you quote it is definetely a ‘Miracle’…..My respect for him grew even more…when i read one of his speech…he had compared the maintenance of Indian Railways…and the maintenance cow….It was really one of the best speech i have ever heard about …and I personally feel that he deserves to get the Indian Of The Year 2006….


  2. sandeepkora January 4 at 12:25 am

    I definitely agree,that what he did do indian railways is amazing but wen he can reach tat heights in railways, why is tat he failed miserably to develop his state bihar??? there is always a lot of controversy abt this man, the way he ruled bihar. And as matter of fact wen he was ruling bihar he dint promote education keeping one thing in mind if everyone is educated who will vote for him??? tats why the state which has most no of illiterates is bihar. And he ruled bihar for 10 long years and there is no improvement wen the cheifministers in the other state created wonders…and now he is doing everything to the indian railways since he has got no other go and also he got screwed in state election….. i dont think he deserves to be the no.1………..


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