Saturday afternoon, Indiblogger meet sacrificing sleep. I could hear someone saying “loser”. After a sumptuous lunch with my friend in Sea Shells, I made it on time to the second Chennai Indiblogger Meet. The first one happened in 2008. I was clueless as there were no known  faces around.. One smart guy in black t-shirt came rushing towards me

“Sylvian Patrick?”
“0h my god, Rohit – last indiblogger meet”
“Yeah long time”
Yes it was a long time for such a bloggers meet to happen in a blogging crazy city like Chennai. Chennai ranks among the top few cities even in the number of blogs registered with indiblogger. The chairs started filling in and the number of known faces became less and less. Then came our own Nithyananda clone Sathyanarain aka msnarain.(Don’t miss his serial killer story)
Ram sitting in front of me exclaimed “Sylvian – IQL”
“Yes”. Doing quizzes does help sometimes. We both got introduced to each other. Spotted my IQL friend Samba on the other end and had a sign language session. Smiled at Revathi, who I meet often in quizzes and forums like these.

The Hitler video reminded me of Krish Ashok’s hitler videos. I dunno who started this but an interesting way of saying things. I hope it doesn’t become a overkill

Sylvianism_Indiblogger Meet6

30 Seconds of Fame

This is the time where you are given to introduce yourself and your blog. A few forgot to tell where they blog and few would not have done as there were more than a few. I think one was maintaining 24 blogs. I am unable to write even for one. Uff
And guys I have seen all the movies I have written about and I research before I write about anything. There was an software engineer who said there is no life there , a lonely romantic mechanical engineer, a few interior designers, Tamil blogger from New Zealand, a group of bloggers from the same college, a father representing the family that blogs and a guy who said that “this seminar will help him in blogging”
Seminar??? Damn where am I?

Sylvianism_Indiblogger Meet1

I scratch your back and you scratch mine

Ok literally we did that only thing is there was a chart to scratch. Initially I was not so interested in doing it, but enthusiasm caught up with me and met quite a good number of people at the end. Guys I will definitely visit your blog and keep in touch. I promise. I became the most sought out man in the auditorium for few moments with the few ladies picking up my email Id for the picture. Nice meeting you all and will read your blogs for sure

Sylvianism_Indiblogger Meet7

The discussion

Although the talk from Bala Barathi was a matter of importance in blogging space, a few couldn’t relate to because of the language. I didn’t agree to a lot of points which was raised in the discussion

1. The thought of all the bloggers should be socially responsible is not a valid one. Everyone will have their own stuff to write about. It depends on the individual to support, to deny or simply not bother about an social issue.

2. People write blogs for different reasons. I write because i want people to read me. It helps me improve my writing skill and I never cared about monetizing my blog. Even if it’s a a million visitors per day, I would not. I am not saying problogging is wrong but I am not for it. If WordPress is not allowing you to monetize your blog, it’s because it’s run on a non-profit idea. If Blogspot is not allowing you to monetize with other ad networks, it’s simply because Google wants money. If you really want to monetize, move on to self hosted blogs, do SEO and find ways.

3. As someone said Content is king, if you have good content, people will come to your blog, read and make comments. We know a lot of people who are famous bloggers just because of their wonderful content and nothing else.

4. I don’t see my blog as a power to something. It’s my space where I like to express my views because the Hindus and the India todays will not carry my article with such a bad English. I just write because I want to write. I hope most of the bloggers are so.

The meet ended with good food, coffee and ice creams. Thanks to indiblogger team for a fitting t-shirt and arranging such a wonderful meet.
Sylvianism_Indiblogger Meet3
Bloggers, See you when I See you. Till then write blogs, read blogs and comment. Adios Amigos.

PS: 1. I didn’t have a good photo session in the meet as I was new to indoor photography. Understood what is ISO Sensitivity 😉 If you need the high resolution photograph, please mail me at

2. Indiblogger Flickr Page –

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  1. 🙂 good one.. i did get the invite .. idindt turn up .. next time ll buzz u as u r a friend .. haven’t gone only because it will be a totally new arena .. !!

    Well agree with your social point – it is an individual interest but i guess most meets like these aim at telling us that we need to be socially responsible

    and i totally agree with point (4) … i write because i love to and i know The Hindus and the TOI’s dont really reciprocate 😀

    Good to see your post …btw as for being the most sought after .. tell me when arent you the most sought after !!:)


  2. Hi. Nice post. The discussion could hav been better. I agree with you on the reason to blog.


    1. Thanks for the comment Clement. It would have been better if the discussion had been unconference like rather than conference like 🙂


  3. Hey man .. Good read on your experience man 🙂 .. Its a good thing you caught up on the cart activity .. Its a great way to make some very super friends. And you are a veteran of two meets now :).

    We will do our best to get more meets done in Chennai because we love it there too. Glad you liked the Tee's.


    1. Thanks anoop for the comment. It was wonderfully organised and thanks for the effort


  4. hai nice coverage on indibloggers meet!

    i attended it too enjoyed it with ur coverage of pics wonderful keep it up


    1. Thanks for the comment Ramana..


  5. wow! i better confess that i was eagerly waiting for ur post..and i bet u know why! lolzz…yes u r right. u r the only person who took that 'all female bloggers' photo ! i better warn u that the whole brigade of that female bloggers are looking for u..and they might descend on u any second! lolzzz..Hey..check out the pics in my blog….who is a better photographer..i wonder..u the wanna-be-professional or me..the ignorant amateur ..:) [ just kidding]. pics r cool. now i can really show it off to my friends as a proof. I wd like to echo ur sentiments on blogging. keep blogging. It was nice meeting u.


    1. Hey Umbrella, it was wonderful meeting you. I was little bit intrigued by the fiery speeches of some.. Lolz And if anyone of them wants a best resolution pic please ask them to mail me at


  6. nice post. unfortunately cudn't make it due to personal commitments! 🙁 hopefully next time i will be able to be there and experience this first hand 🙂

    cool photos.. nice to see your name in the presentation 🙂


    1. Man you have missed a lot. You should have been there. I expected you to come


  7. nice post, and I get to see my pic here 🙂 thank u!


    1. Thanks for the comment Yuvika.


  8. Ah! I like the all ladies pic 🙂


    1. I expected this comment from you 😉


    2. but how come i missed out all the ladies the other day at the meet?


      1. may be they really thought that you are nithyananda 😉


  9. Great post Sylvian. Pretty comprehensive. Glad to have met you there. Nice photos as well.


    1. Thanks Sudhakar.. It was nice to meet you to and keep blogging 🙂


  10. Kalakkal … and thanks for the "50 Secs fame" in Sylvianism for yours truly too … 🙂

    Still a bit lazy to post about the meet … will do it soon …..


    1. Ram, Unga photos super checked your flickr page. Keep clicking


  11. Revathyeaswar March 29 at 10:54 am

    wow.. finally the man we were looking for..
    nice summing up here, nd i'm really looking forward to the next another bloggers meet 🙂
    nd thanks for the pic :), u don't know how many ppl were waiting for u to post it…


    1. Thanks revathy- read your blog on the meet too. Please do keep in touch. Will meet up for an informal bloggers meet whenever possible. What say?


  12. Revathyeaswar March 31 at 2:04 pm

    sure.. in fact, honestly the meet was like a trailer. now that we know each other (atleast some of us), a second one would be much more fun.. 🙂


    1. Of course sure revathy 🙂


  13. Арсений April 9 at 3:41 pm




  14. .Latea vandalum, latesta varuvan 🙂 I guess, this is probably the last comment you'll get on your blog. The meet was awesome fun. Great meeting you too…


  15. Даже не знаю…

    Ссылки как то странно отображаются…


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