Why the review is late?

I got the internet connection back in my home only last weekend after a tough 15 days with Airtel Customer Care. I somehow tried putting my football reviews here and there, but this review was destined to come today only.

What I liked about the Meet?

1. This was my first blogger meet. I could not attend the blogcamp happened in Chennai because of tight work schedules that time. But I am now determined to attend the blogger meets as much as possible.

2. I could meet some of the bloggers of the town. Although I didn’t get introduced them, I could get introduced with their blogs, writings, faces of those who have commented on my blog. There were lot of interesting people and interesting blogs.

3. The effort put in by the Indiblogger Team, the local coordinator Lemonade (don’t worry I will not write your real name here). Hats off to you guys… You made my Sunday evening fruitful.

4. One minute of Fame – was wonderful but some people could have reduced their explanations. Some could have made more ( Like me)…

5. The Rebelz Play – those guys were awesome (except for the Ballya, I think he was nervous) and especially the Telugu Guy.

6. The Jig thing … I remember each and every comment, the people who made it and my name was figured twice in the list ( may be one was taken from my old blog in wordpress and the other from my new site Sylvianism)

7. Of course the t-shirt

What I didn’t like or rather less liked?

1. The place was so cramped and seating could have been better. I think Indiblogger team expected a less turnout but ended up putting extra chairs.. Common man, you only declared that Chennai is the blogging capital of India.

2. Pseudonym’s Mobile blogging thing could have been better… What about people like me who have personal blog sites?? And half the thing was inaudible due to some people chit chatting…

3. The food (may be I didn’t like it)…

4. The Windows Live Writer presentation. Sorry I am an Apple Fanatic combined with Microsoft hater. Although she tried to explain it better, I think it’s mostly of no use in a blogger community. I had this guy Sudharshan, sitting behind me and he said he had tried every online writer thing, he found windows live writer the worst.

I have not tried it and I don’t think I will do…

Overall a nice experience with Chennai bloggers. I congratulated Renie for the effort and will continue to participate in your events. Kudos…

The picture is from Renie’s Flickr Profile ( Sorry Guys i don’t have my own photo)

P.S: Oh my god is that a Apple Macbook Anwin is holding. Its a Microsoft Sponsored event… Just kidding….

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  1. Neat review dude 🙂


  2. Thanks Anwin and are you mac man too??


  3. Hey mate nice review. I know the mobile blogging presentation could have been better. But my reading of the audience was “Most of them don’t seem to be interested so they are talking with friends. All this talk is loud that the rest can’t hear.” So that’s why it was cut extremely short and an offer to anyone interested to mobile blog was made. If you are interested just email me mate…And yours is a perfect analysis of my presentation…


  4. Short and crisp acccount of the event. It was my first meet too and enjoyed it a lot.

    On a lighter note – You seem to have caught Anwin in the wrong foot with his apple macbook 🙂


  5. Thanks a ton lefty…I think he is also a microsoft hater…


  6. Hey! thanks for not mentioning the name! lol
    oh and btw..about the comments..the first one u stood up for was a comment that u left on someone else’s site…the second one was a comment from here.. 🙂


  7. Hey Lemonade

    Thanks for your comments…and many a thanks for organising such a good event… And about the comments. Both were written on my posts… First comment is from my new Poems, the person who wrote the comment is Kanupriya and the Second comment is from the post “IPL Hoopla and 20-20 Tamasha” written by Bharath.
    I know my readers very well ( because its a very small number)…


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