As i expected i could not write my review daily because of the lack of internet connection at my home. Now i have got it (after a long wait and fight with the airtel guys, if they don’t know about Mac OS, what i can do about it).Anyways lot has happened in past 4 days. The biggest upset yet, Germany was beaten by Croatia. Croatians were awesome on the field. I don’t know what was going on between the German middle order and the forwards. Incomplete passes, hasty tries and they deserved to lose that day. Portugal sailed in to the quarters and everyone came to know the reason why Ronaldo is rated as the best footballer currently. The final pass to Queresmo was splendid. 


Netherlands showed why they are strong contenders to the title. They opened up the French defense split wide open and four goals..Uff France was outplayed, outclassed and demolished. One moment of brilliance from Thierry Henry. The reason why he scored durin his Arsenal times because the whole game revolves around him but his national team doesn’t revolve around him. And he gets minimal chances to score.


Yesterday saw the Spaniards in to the quarterfinals with the late goal from David Villa, he is becoming a strong contender for the Golden Boot. And the Russians throwing out the Greek from the tournament.  Guus Hiddink team still has something in them….


Here are some goals from the week…



And i think i can do the review daily with the internet connection back in my home ….

I heard there was Cricket Tri series going on Bangladesh and India lost in the Finals. Sorry i didn’t have the time to concentrate in that and my interests are 0.00001 % when the Indian team doesn’t have Sachin in it. As Sidhu says ” Indian team without Sachin is like Kiss without the Squeeze”.

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