Liba Exquizite has proved to be a tough quiz all over the years. For the Past three years i have been participating in the prelims and witnessing the finals (As you know its very difficult to get on stage with the quality of the teams participating).

This year was no different, a whole set of wonderful questions and impeccable answers, Exquizite was a wonderful treat. One team cracking Kappa on the first clue and another team cracking Ajinomoto with a logo..awesome quizzing all throughout the finals.

A tough prelims and after 6 gruelling rounds of quiz, two best teams were on a tie. The young team from Infosys (Quiz Quiz Bang Bang) tied for the first place with Rohan & Amit.

Pickbrain had three tie-break questions for them. The first question was about Dun & Bradstreet which was cracked by Infosys team and the second question was about Cubicle Millionaires which was cracked by Amit’s team. With two teams tied with 1 point, the last question read like this

“Ten secrets of World’s greatest brand builder” is the sub-title to a famous autobiography of which flamboyant businessman?

Amit’s team had Donald Trump as the answer and Infosys team had Richard Branson. The answer according to Giri was Richard Branson and his book “Losing my Viriginity” which eventually made the young infosys team to win the Quiz. They bagged cash prize of 40k.

I felt a small discrepancy in this particular question and i want to bring to the notice of the fellow quizzers. Richard Branson’s “Losing my virginity” has the following sub-title “How i Survived,had fun, and made a fortune doing business My way”. The book Giri was speaking about is also about Richard Branson but its not a autobiography but a biography by Des Dearlove by the Name Business the Richard Branson Way which has the sub title “10 secrets of the world’s greatest brand builder”. (see the attachments for the front covers of both books)

All though the answer for the question is right, there was a small mistake in the question which would have confused the other team.
This is the first time i am seeing Pickbrain doing a mistake and as he is one of my favorite quizmasters, i felt that i should bring this to his notice.

One hell of a quiz with some wonderful answers – LIBA Exquizite 2007.

I sent the same mail to Pickbrain and Team Greycaps….They have replied as follows

Dear Sylvian

We spoke to Mr.Giri on this on receipt of your mail.

He says he did not say “Loosing my virginity” as part of the answer to the question asked in the tie breaker but much later drew a parralel during the prize distribution while refering to a “young” team winning their ‘first’ major corp quiz and hence ‘loosing my virginity’ in a branson context

Trust this clarifies your concern


Team Greycaps
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