It was a lazy Sunday morning in Bangalore and we (me,Sana and Ananth) took a budget hotel room in Cottonpet road to refresh, get ready etc… We were unaware of the last night news and turned on the TV to find the Pune Blast, which killed 9 people. The distress dawned upon us and we were cursing the terrorists and went in to the analysis of who would have did it. After few moments I cried “Should look at the history of German Bakery? Does it have any cultural importance like leopold cafe?”

Ananth “Come on man, can’t you see it as a news? You already jumped in to the trivia mode. That’s what Yaggy (fellow Quizzer and friend) said that life’s a trivia for quizzers”

Although my heart went to those young people who lost their life in the blast, my quizzers mind was already thiniking about something else. I went in to a deep thought process and started thinking whether Yaggy’s statement is true. I was interested in quizzing from school days but the chances were less in those times as I was in a small town and maximized my talent in the few chances I got. The college time was even worse. I started real quizzing only in my MBA days and it took sometime to digest the quizzing scene in Chennai. I realised I am a kindergarten baby among the behemoths of quizzing here. I understood the fact that you got to specialize in topics… As I was comfortable with business, I started knowledge mongering in business topics.

Everything became a question for me. From the business of child trolleys to god channel, from sanctity to shit (sulabh??), everything had a quizzing importance for me. Few of my friends used to tease me on the peculiar habit of analysing the manufacture labels of the products we buy. A few used to get angry at the insane trivia I come up with some brands, although it’s for my own good to reiterate stuff and a few have asked me to get a life. Don’t you think I need to get a life, when I went to a quiz on a valentine’s day?

May be we quizzers take life as a trivia. But the passion which runs in the quizzing fraternity equals the passion of Sachin when he plays cricket, passion of Brazilian when he plays football,passion of Kamal Hassan when he acts, passion of ilaiyaraja or Rahman when they make music because for almost all of us quiz is something similar…

The sparkle of eyes, the thump on the thighs, a hi-five with the team mate and applause of the audience is worth to take life as a trivia ( and of course the sweet money… Is that not?

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Posted by Sylvian

Marketing Analyst by profession, a quizzer by passion, a blogger by choice, a poet by chance, a non-conformist by gene and a rebel by birth


  1. True very true….Only nut cases like u and me will sit @ 3 am in the night thinking of what would be the ideal questions to go into a quiz the next day 🙂


    1. I still remember the India Quiz in 2009 Machi…And way we make questions for every damn thing in this world


  2. good stuff dude… this is the pulse of all those associated with quizzing… a breed that is overbred on wikipedia and research.

    Nothing is enough for the quizzer…!!


  3. hey good one again .. well frankly if u see ur self as a tiny dot in front of others i am sure i am 'the teeniest tiniest spot in quizzing fraternity …

    i agree with u i do look at ques and boards in terms of how can i look a t it 4m a QM's angle 😀 and yes i have been a decent quizzer in childhood while at kerala .. then nothing at all … jst two major wins .. else never present .. though things r differnet now follwong footsteps of ppl like u , kn , vh sana.pan han. and others !!

    hope the spark can spread like a fire !!


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