I was too tired to go to office today. But I eventually did as I had a whole lot of work to do. Prakash was missing today and Ashish from old lunch gang joined. Ok I got to introduce Ashish and Sreelesh here. Ashish and Sreelesh are my juniors in MBA and that’s how I joined this lunch gang initially. In the span of 1 and half years, they both got caught in wedlock and had their lunches with their wives in the afternoon. Sometimes, when the ladies are out of town, they join us in the lunch table.

Although this topic was partially discussed before because of Thomas, Joe came up with this question. “I am seeing so many people who earn a fortune, invested lots in land, assets but they tend to make more and more money out of what they earn rather than enjoying atleast a part of it. Don’t they have passion of doing something different? May be a world tour, a fast car or gadgets – whatever. Are they missing the finer things in life? “

Ashish’s point of view was “if people like them do not make money and save, how can people like me enjoy life.” He said that his father is self-sustained and he doesn’t look at Ashish for money. They always save money and invest for the latter part of life, which doesn’t seem to be the way of younger generation

Thomas was saying that making money is their passion and it’s their interest in life. Making 10 from 1, 100 from 10, 1000s from 100s etc.. As he said it may be the case but a guy who makes money would like to enjoy the good things which come out of it.

My thought was “People don’t live for themselves. They live for their children. They save,invest and work for their off-springs. But the only problem is that they don’t prepare their children for the worse. What if the money goes one day”.

We ended the discussion without a solution but my thoughts are still lingering. Is this life so stereotypical? Should we marry, make children, raise them, pamper them, love them, live for them, earn for them and eventually die for them?

How many of you have thought of living for yourself for a day? To pursue the passion you nurtured from childhood, to fulfill a desire which you could not , to enjoy the finer things on life? Are we becoming zombies who do repeated jobs just for the sake of survival? Slog like a buffalo for 5 or 6 days a week, watch a meaningless movie in the weekend, merry with some cuisine, a occasional trip to hometown or a hill station and fulfill the physical expectations. Are these only things in life? Aren’t we wasting the most precious time of our lives? Or are we really living!!!!

Ok that’s the end of the post, I got to send mailers for next week’s webinar. My appraisal is due for next month. I can’t screw it up 🙁

Realities of life???!!!

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  1. Hey..

    One correction:

    Ash(Ashish) and sree(Sreelesh) – they both got caught in wedlock – I beg to differ. I think they DIDN'T get caught, it's not like someone pushed them in to the well. That is very rude of syl something atrocious like that. The truth is they fell in to the well VOLUNTARILY.

    another correction would have been about Syl being in office due to "work". But I can't comment on that now, even my appraisal is due!! 🙂

    On a "serious" note: I think any guy will do that if and when he finds the right girl. Jump into the well of love and joy. AHEM!! 🙂



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