For the unknown, I work for Zoho Corp. And they provide free lunch for all the employees (thanks to them for it). So we have this lunch table conversations each day and we are branded as “Gyan Table” because we discuss a lot of stuff which are not usual for a lunch table.

There are 4 usuals for the table. Myself, doubting Thomas, Silent Killer Prakash and the ever funny Joe… Prakash came up with this interesting question today – “why do most of the books don’t have numbers for chapter pages?”

I was literally stunned by this question. I said “I dunno”.. Joe was blinking and Thomas went in to thinking mode. Some books may have numbers but mostly they don’t have a number for the chapter pages. The books which have separate pages never had page numbers to it. If it’s a practice, why they started it? I always believe everything should have reason.

I just tried to find through some google searches. I found a lot of guidelines from publishers, American Publisher Association etc. All had similar guidelines of not having page numbers for chapter pages but they never said the history behind the practice….

So the question still remains? We are yet to get the answer. We didn’t even a get a creative one from Joe…Can you guys find the answer for this question?

P.S: I am thinking of writing all our interesting lunch conversations as a series. Thanks to my friend Pushkala for giving me this idea. Buddy, I have started…

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  1. Have you seen the first part of some books numbered by small Roman numerals?


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