Update based on the Comment from The Quiz Master Vincent D’Souza

Thanks for your effort in posting the quiz. And reviewing it too.
Obviously done in a hurry I guess since there are many slips and factual errors in the post. I’d like to point out the most glaring ones.

Shruthi Hassan and the Extrementals

T M Krishna and Jayashri run ‘Matrka’ and Sowmya and Shashikiran run Carnatica.

The planned State Library is not on the Anna Gem School Campus but in what used to be the State Data Centre ( closeby)

The police officer’s name is S R Jangid

The Nanmangalam bird is the Great Indian Horned Owl

One of the video picture landmarks was the Lady Willingdon Girls School, Triplicane

When you post, facts are sacred. Bloggers need to keep this in mind always!

And to make Madras Quiz 2009 better, why dont you send me a few versatile questions you wish to be asked next year.

I apologise for the mistake in some of the answers. I always try to be extra careful in posting the answers. But i have made some mistakes this time. I am really sorry for the mistakes and also a special apology to the Quiz master on the same..

About Shruthi Hassan’s Band

Indian Express says this


Hindu Retails Plus Says this


Whom to believe??? Only Shruthi Hassan can confirm, I believe. But a google search on extramentals gives more results than extrementals.

And it’s a typo error with the name of S.R.Jangid and Lady Willingdon Girl’s School.

And about the versatility of the quiz, fellow quizzers can take the call. I still believe you can ask questions about other parts of Chennai.The boundaries of Chennai have expanded enormously in the past few years. I cannot provide you with any type of questions ( I believe its not right to give out like that) but I can definitely quote some of the questions asked by other quiz masters in few quizzes. I am sticking to only business related questions because I am more inclined to Business Quizzes.

1. History of United Breweries traces back to Chennai ( Brand Equity 2006 – Derek)

2. History of Sun TV, Kalanidhi Maran, Mcrennett Bakeries (Giri Pick Brain)

3. There can be questions on in numerous companies which have started their operations from Chennai – likes of Saravana Bhavan, Mahadevan, Zoho. EVen a logo of Tidel Park would be tough for some participants to find.

If any of the words have hurt the Quiz Master or the organisers, I am sorry about that.

But I stand by my review.

Original Post

I have tried to compile the whole set of questions from the Madras Quiz 2008. Please forgive me for the typo errors and grammatical errors. I have taken the liberty of playing with the questions in order to make it short and sweet.

For the review of the Quiz,


For the Questions move on

Prelims – 25 Questions

1.There is a religious festival which is celebrated on Septemeber 8th in Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu. What is it and where it is celebrated?

Velankanni Festival in Besant Nagar Church

2.Who is the chief justice of High Court?

3.What is Adyar Poonga Project?

Restoration of Adyar Creek
4.Where is the Srilankan Commission present in Chennai?
TTK Road
5.Who is Chennai’s Corporation Commissioner?
Rajesh Lakhani
6.Every year a special postal cover is released for Madras Day. Last year, the postal cover carried the layout of St.-George’s fort. What did this year’s cover carry?
Pictures of all the 4 lighthouses of Chennai
7.P.Vasu, V.Bhaskaran and Chinni Jayanth, all alumini of this school, came together for a special program in support of the school. Which school?
8.What is DAAD in relation to IIT?
German Academic Exchange Service
9.P.K.Srinivasan, a follower of Ramanujam and dedicated his life to Ramanujam’s works has a museum in Chennai. Where it is?
10.Null Friction, LBG.. What are these?
Rock bands originated from Chennai
11.I could not remember
12.Pogo Channel awarded this young chennaite who is carnatic musician and a keyboard player. name him.
Sathya Narayana
13.A construction company has come up with a unique offer of having school in their newly developed township. Which school has consented to have their premises inside the township.
Padma Seshadri
14.What is Red-E?
Home delivery & Take Away restaurant
15.Pic of Gokhale hall
16.Pic of Orchid Pharma Logo
17.Connect – Joy Alukkas & Prashant
Joy Alukkas is present in Prashant Gold Towers promoted by Prashant
18.In the annual arubathumuvar festival, whose idol is taken for the procession, who is not a god or goddesses?
19.Name of Sruthi Hassan’s band – Sruthi Hassan & Extra Mentals
20.Name of Y.Gee Mahendra’s play which is doing rounds in the city – Swadeshi Iyer

21.Connect Veenai Gayathri, Bombay Jayashree and Two other carnatic musicians – T M Krishna and Jayashri run ‘Matrka’ and Sowmya and Shashikiran run Carnatica.

22.Whose album is Triplicane?
LBG – Little Babushka’s Grind

23.Pic of Ilavazhagi – Carrom Champion

24.What’s common – Doveton Corrie, Vepery., St.Bede’s,Santhome., St., Kevin – All Anglo Indian Schools (Dumbest question of all)
25.What was the unique offer give by TNHB on house allotment recently – Aadi Discount

Finals – 12 Rounds – 6 Teams on Stage

Round 1

1.During the fuel crisis in the city, to ease out the logistical problem, a ship carrying fuel was docked in the Madras Port. Name the ship.
2.A film personality held his son’s marriage reception in a hotel in chennai due to a bomb scare in the marriage hall owned by him. Name him.
3.If Hindu’s weekend supplement is Weekend, Times of India’s weekend edition is Chennai Times, what’s Indian Express weekend supplement is called?
4.Connect Turtle and Smith Memorial in Besant Nagar.
The annual turtle walk starts from the Smith Memorial.
5.When Times of India launched in Chennai on April 14th, 2008. The editorial started in the first page started as Good Morning Chennai, ….. Complete the sentence.
Its a Honour to be here.
6.This temple didn’t have a gopuram. The work was stalled due to a rumour of ill omen affecting the people who work on it. It was completed this year. Name the temple.
Marutheeswarar Temple.

Round 2- Organizations in Chennai

1.A medical research institute has successfully done AIDS Vaccine trials. Which institute in Chennai?
Tuberculosis Institute – Spur Tank Road
2.It was started in 1819 and was later transferred to a Tram shed in egmore. It later changed opposite to Dina Thanthi office and came to the current place in 1884. It has connemara ward and wenlock ward. Identify this place
Egmore Opthalmology Hospital
3.It was started in 1948. They have developed the technology of Bio diesel and has a fashion outfit to export exclusively for Europe. Which Institution?
Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI)
4.What was started by Dr. Malcolm Adi Seshaiah and Elizabeth Seshaiah after his retirement as the deputy director of UNESCO?
Madras Instiute of Developmental Studies
5.It was started during Second World war period. It has personal collections of Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, Prof.Hiriyana and Prof.Ragavan. Its affliated to University of Madras for M.Phil and Ph.D in Sanskrit. It has very rare books and employ scholars.
Kuppuswamy Shastri Research Institute
6.Started in 1963 and its considered to be in par with National Defence Academy.
Officer’s Training Academy

Round 3 – Namma Company

1.The children in Vidyasagar’s udavum karangal were helped by the sculptors of Cholamandalam to create some sculptures which were bought by corporate group. Which group?
Ashok Leyland
2.Soundarya rajesh has a very niche company called Avtar. What does avatar do?
Its HR recruitment company which provides temporary jobs for ladies, who leave their jobs for maternity and want a second entry in to the corporate world.
3.He was the co-founder of Cricinfo.com and sold it to Wisden. He went on to start his own publishing company. Name him and the publishing company.
Badri Seshadri and New Horizon Media
4.Which corporate house is organising the Chennai Marathon -Citizen Run?
5.RMKV advertised its sarees on huge hoardings. Who was the first model of RMKV?
Deepika Padukone
6.East West merged with Westland books. Who owns westland?
Trent Ltd. of Tata


Hangout of famous cine personalities including Kamal haasan – Hotel Samco.

Round 4 – Namma Kalai

1.Krishna Gana Sabha is one of the oldest sabhas in chennai. Its secretary passed away recently. who is it?
Yagna Raman
2.KRA Narasaiah is the author of the new book. The book has been adapted from a book written by the same author in Tamil. Give the complete name of the book.
Madras-Tracing the growth of the city sin 1639. (The quiz was very particular that full name had to be said. I dunno whats the funda behind it)
3.Who organises the June Rock Out – every year?
Unwind Centre
4.What is Blaft?
Publishing house which recently published the Translated version of Tamil Pulp Fiction
5.Who will receive the Sangita Kalanidhi in Jan-2009?
AKC Natarajan – Clarinet Player
6.Bring Down the House Lights is the history of which city based institution?
Madras Players

Round 5 – Namma Arasu

1.R.Sekar is the Commissioner of Police – City, Who is the commissioner of police – suburban
S.R.Jangid (
2.What are the 3 police districts of Chennai?
St.-Thomas Mount, Ambattur and Madahavaram
3.Trace the history of MTC.
It was started by a private operator – TVS and then it was nationalised to Pallavan Transport Corporation. Later it was divided in to PTC and Ambedkar Transport Corp. It was renamed to MTC and SETC
4.What is the administrative institute of Kottivakkam?
5.Which parliamentary constitution does Kanimozhi Karunanidht represent?
She is a nominated MP to Rajya Sabha
6.What’s the complaints number of Chennai Corporation?

Round -6 – Namma Cinema

1.There was a significant change in the credits of Dasavatharam. It is related to the producer. What is it?
Oscar Films was changed to Aascar Films due to a law suit by Oscars – Academy Awards of USA
2.Kuselan had two main leads from Meena and Pasupathy. Pasupathy is a product of which city based art school?
3.Bosskey – a writer, RJ,TV personality has acted in a major role in a upcoming movie will get a unique distinction of being present in all the possible mass media at a single point of time. Which movie?
Poi Solla Porom
4.Oram Po had Pooja and Arya in the lead. Which Husband and Wife duo directed the movie?
Gayathri & Pushkar
5.Auto Shankar, a notorious serial killer claimed that he used the same technique as used in a famous tamil movie. Which movie?
Nooravathu Naal
6.Which yesteryear cinema studio has a film academy in its campus?
Prasad Studios

Round 7  – Namma Ooru

1.Name the constituency which is adjacent to arcot road, which is newly formed?
2.Charles Edward Trevelyan used the proceeds from state run lotteries in order to create some public utilities in Chennai. name any two public utilities which was formed this.
Moore Market, Rippon Building, Museum Theatre
3.What are the two terminals in Chennai Airport called? ( A repeat previous year question. Gimme a break)
Anna International Airport and K.Kamaraj Domestic Airport
4.What are the two proposed routes of Chennai Metro Rail project?
Line 1 – Washermanpet to Airport
Line 2 – Fort to St. Thomas Mount

5.Where in Chennai you can find the Rail Museum?
6.Nanmangalam Reserve forest near pallikaranai is the home of most famous bird. Name the bird.
The Great Indian Horned Owl

Round 8 – Namma Makkal

1.There was a book on Semmangudi Srinvasa Iyer recently. One of the authors was Sriram, who was the other?
2.Which Chennai based sports person participated in Beijing Olympics?
Achanta Sharath Kamal
3.A Chennai based TT Player’s life will be made as a tele play. Identify the player.
4.Whose statue stands at the junction of Pantheon Road in Egmore?
Adithanar of Daily Thanthi
5.The recently opened T.nagar over bridge is named Doraiswamy Road – Usman Road bridge. Give the significance of the names.
Doraiswamy – Famous eye surgeon who lived in the road
Usman – was former governor – acting of Tamilnadu

6.Who was the mathematician, who passed away recently and a resident of Mylapore?
Alladi Ramakrishnan

Round 9 – Namma Jolly

1.If Pasha is for The Park, Dublin – for The Park Sheraton, what is it for RainTree?
2.What is blur in Sathyam Cinemas?
Video Gaming Drome
3.What is the newest shopping mall in NS Krishnan Salai ?
Big Bazaar
4.What are the ingredients of Chinnamalai Pork Curry?
Pork,Mango, Brinjal & Drumstick
5.Connection between Drive In Woodlands and Wallajah Road?
Krishna Rao started his first hotel in Wallajah Road – Udupi Sri Krishna Vilas and later he went on to start the Woodlands
6.Minar Restaurant in Hotel Savera plays what kind of music for the guests during dinner time?

Round 10 – Namma Adalayam

1.The labour statue and Gandhi Statue was designed by Dr.P.Roy Choudhury Principal of Govt. College of Arts. It has a filmi connection too. What is it?
Sivaji Statue is placed in between the two statues
2.Former CM Jayalalitha chose this place for the modern secretariat and it created a huge controversy. Now the Current CM Karunanidhi has chosen the same site for a landmark building?

The planned State Library is not on the Anna Gem School Campus but in what used to be the State Data Centre ( closeby)
3.A Pic of Chekku and a statue – VOC and his Chekku – which is placed in the Gandhi Mandapam
4.Chennai-600028 was mostly shot in a corporation play ground. There are two churches near the ground. What is the legend associated with the older church?
St.Mary’s church, its the place where St. Thomas takes rest while walking to the mount daily.
5.What’s the origin of the name Royapuram?
St.Peter is the saint of fishermen. The tamil name for st.peter is royappa and the place was ful of fishermen. In memory of royappa, its called Royapuram which became Royapuram
6.A old pic was shown. – It was the pic of place where the current Anna Statue stands in Mount road

Round 11 – Namma Sundal

1.Anglo in the wind was a music show organized for supporting organizations in Chennai. One such organization is FINS. What does FINS stand for?
Friends in Needs Society
2.Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, daughter in law of Stalin has started a magazine called Inbox 1305. What is the significance of the number 1305?
Latitude of Chennai  ( Certainly the question of the day)
3.What is Yocee?
Web site for Kids of Chennai
4.There was a launch of a new radio station by a corporate group. What is the different proposition of the station?
Chennai Live 103.5 by Muthoot Group . they host only Talk shows
5.Chennai based college’s song
“Many have been our achievements
Many have been our accomplishments
many have been our attainments
Sadly to have been our losses
miseries have been our ….
many sorrow silently felt”. Identify the college
Madras Medical College (MMC)
6.The man who was instrumental in founding the LIC and LIC building was also instrumental in founding a bank. Name the man and the bank?
Chidambaram Chettiyar and Indian Overseas bank

Round 12 – Namma MRTS – Identifying places in moving videos

1.Presidency College
3.Presidency College Cricket Ground
4.Dare House
5.Lady Willingdon Girl’s School
6.New MLAs Hostel

Quiz Master: Vincent D’Souza

Winners: Ramana & Ramkumar Shankar

I still found Madras Quiz 2006 was the best one (out of the three i attended) done by Avinash Mudaliar. A earnest request to the organisers for a more versatile quiz with varied topics next time. Chennai has evolved alot. Chennai is not Mylapore and a few other areas around it. The boundaries have evolved and people have changed alot. Like to see a better quiz next time.

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  3. Thanks for your effort in posting the quiz. And reviewing it too.
    Obviously done in a hurry I guess since there are many slips and factual errors in the post. I’d like to point out the most glaring ones.

    Shruthi Hassan and the Extrementals

    T M Krishna and Jayashri run ‘Matrka’ and Sowmya and Shashikiran run Carnatica.

    The planned State Library is not on the Anna Gem School Campus but in what used to be the State Data Centre ( closeby)

    The police officer’s name is S R Jangid

    The Nanmangalam bird is the Great Indian Horned Owl

    One of the video picture landmarks was the Lady Willingdon Girls School, Triplicane

    When you post, facts are sacred. Bloggers need to keep this in mind always!

    And to make Madras Quiz 2009 better, why dont you send me a few versatile questions you wish to be asked next year.


  4. A few more corrections –

    Hangout of famous cine personalities including Kamal Haasan in Alwarpet – Hotel Samco.

    KRA Narasiah’s book’s complete name – Madras-Tracing the growth of the city Since 1639 (As you have mentioned that the complete name of the book was insisted upon!)

    Two terminals in Chennai Airport – the first is Anna International Airport (not Annadurai)

    Yocee is a website for children of Chennai – not ‘social networking’ website – http://www.yocee.in


  5. @ Revathi

    Thanks for the corrections. I just put the full name of the Anna Durai. I saw the website of “Yocee” even previously too. Its pretty good, if they use a web 2.0 concept, they have the potential to become a social networking site for children.

    And till now i dunno whats the funda behind the Full name of the book. Ramkumar even knew the Tamil Version of the book. It should have been given to them for giving out so many details….

    Thanks for visiting my site and giving a comment.


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