I was thinking of this kind of series in the blog for a long time now. Today when i was travelling in the bus, Hello FM was playing a string of Maestro Ilaiyaraja’s songs. I decided that today should be the day for starting this series.

Initially i thought i should write this series in Tamil, but i think almost every Tamilian would know who is Ilaiyaraja and his geniusness. This series for those who have not heard this music’s music and also for those millions of people who felt the same thoughts while listening to his songs.

This is not a musical article. I am not that great to analyse the nuances of ragas and nitty gritty of swaras. I am just a normal human being, who listens his songs and i am going to write how it felt practically for the few (many) songs which i love.

Any day, the first song which comes to my mind is Pottu Vaitha Oru Vatta Nila from Idhayam. Idhayam is a love story of a very introvert person (medical college student) and his classmate. The whole story runs on one premise, how and when the guy will propose the girl. The lead actors are Murali (he was a eternal college student after this movie for a decade) and Heera (one of the most beautiful heroines but was spoilt).

The Particular song was written by Vaali and sung by K.J.Yesudas. The mastery of this composition is the minimal use of instruments. The scene goes like this. The hero and his friend go for a cultural festival. There is no one from their college to participate. So hero’s friend get the hero on stage for a song. The girl ( that day is her birthday), she comes in and hero starts with the song…Pottu vaitha oru vatta Nila ( a round moon with the bindi)…


Every time i hear this song i get reminded of my first crush in school. She had a round face. I was the most introvert person in the whole batch and i was from a boys school. I used to see her only during tuitions. In fact, i would say she was the first girl who i thought was beautiful. She used to wear glasses and she had an excellent dressing sense. Mind you we both were studying 10th Standard. Until then i used to wear gaudy outdated dresses, once i started seeing her i slowly moved on to little bit acceptable clothes.

It was just bliss. Thats the first time i felt so happy and i thought she also had some thoughts about me (Ignorance. Ignorance is bliss). Eventually, like most of other school crushes,this also got crushed (I think thats why its called a crush). I got to know that she is having friendship with one of my classmates, so on and so forth. When i heard that news, i had a small tear coming out of my eyes  and falling down on my palm ( cinematic)…but it happened. Actually one of my friends saw it too…

Even after the crush was crushed, every time i hear that song her face comes like a breeze and flies away. I was so introverted that i never talked to her in those 2 years of crush period. I never tried it also. Whenever i see her, my heart used to beat so fast that i thought its going to stop forever. the guy in the movie has the same feeling…

The other reason i love this song so much is that, this was the first song i sang on a stage for a competition. Although i didn’t win, it actually gave me the confidence that i can stand on a stage and perform in front of a huge audience.

The song is so sober, sad and melancholic that it seeps even in to a stone hearted guy. Whenever you hear it you will definitely think of your unfinished love and you just think that “if it was so, i would have….” Thats why this song so highly rated in my heart. Its not about the complexity of the composition but the impact it makes in your heart.

P.S., That girl on who i had crush on is married and i dunno where she is now. May be she is reading this. When i see her next time, i like to ask only one question “Did you know that i had a crush on you?”

Next article – The BGM score of Idhayam and how it is still haunting my heart…



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  1. well,true you are not the only one who loved the song but me too. but i think vaalis lyrics also added to ilayarajas brilliance. you wont deny that.


  2. Thanks Brother…

    ha yes it added to the beauty of the song..From next post i will write about the poem too…


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