Sasi as a director has been impressive with his choice of stories. In fact, Sollamale is still debated because of it's shocking climax. After Poo, an action thriller genre is quite unconventional choice from him. And to be fair, he has succeeded in it, almost.


The movie starts with a terrible accident for Aravind (Bharath). He asks for his lover after he wakes up only to be denied that she never existed by his brother Gopal (Santhanam) and psychiatrist. Slowly, he comes to terms but with memories about his girl friend haunting him, he tries to uncover the truth behind her disappearance.


The biggest strength of the movie is the air tight screenplay that never lets out the suspense until the last moment. The audience uncover the mystery like the way Aravind does. Bharath, after a slew of meaningless masalas is back in role that gives ample scope for him to perform. He doesn't disappoint. Mirthika is adequate for her role while Santhanam finally has some importance in the story instead of his comic star value. Vizhiyile Vizhiyile is a wonderful number from Simon while his background score is just adequate.


Having said that 555 suffers because of two things. Sasi has terribly failed in the choice of villain. Sudesh Berry ends up as a caricature rather menacing. The climax is illogically conceived and ends up like showcase of Bharath's inconsequential (to the movie) gym effort. You don't need a 6 pack clad hero for this movie.


Sasi has made an wonderful effort to create a tout psychological action thriller but has failed to give a strong ending that the movie deserves. And it is surprising that it has come from a man who gave strong climaxes in Sollamale and Poo.


A 2.5/5 for Sasi's 555 for just keeping the audience guessing till the final sequence.

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