For the last few years, I have never ended a Deepavali without watching a new release and it’s part and parcel of Deepavali celebrations in Tamil Nadu. This year with all the biggies except Surya opting out, we were left with Aadhavan for our Deepavali movie.

We were left with Mayajaal (Home Theatre, that’s the nickname for the multiplex) as Sathyam opened with red boxes in online booking and Sangam went to the Fans association (!).

When you go to a KS Ravikumar movie, you can be sure of two things – the movie will have pucca masala of songs, dance, comedy, sentiment, action etc and you will not get bored watching the movie. As a producer’s director, he has a success rate of almost 80% of his movies becoming box-office hits. (the one which failed initially was his best)

Aadhavan will not bore you, nor will it interest you. It will be just another Tamil movie with just another big hero with just another borrowed storyline with just another predictable ending. Will it be a just another hit? May be ( That’s for you to decide)


Aadhavan ( Surya), a hitman working under his foster father (Sayaji Shinde) is hired to kill a judge (Murali) who is investigating an organ trade scam, by Reddy (Rahul Dev). He misses the shot and vouches, that he will kill the judge at any cost. He joins as a household servant through Vadivelu in Judge’s huge family headed by Grand Mother (Saroja Devi).

Aadhavan slowly enters in to the hearts of the family members (yawn $&@?) as he says he is the long lost son (Madhavan) of the Judge, who ran away because of a murder. Thara (Nayanthara), Madhavan’s aunt’s daughter falls in love with Surya. After mix-ups and mash ups, with a predictable Tamil movie climax, all ends well.
Aadhavan is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin with KS Ravikumar as the Director. The music composed by Harris Jayaraj, cinematography by Ra.Ganesh and edited by Don Max.


1. The comedy in the first half. You have guaranteed laugh riot with Vadivelu and Surya. I think only KS Ravikumar can infuse such comic situations in to such movie plots.

2. Surya – he fights, he romances, imitates MGR, Sivaji, Kamal and Rajini, takes daredevil risks, excels excellently in comedy and even emotes well in Senti Scenes.

3. The cinematography – is awesome in songs and fantastic in fight sequences. A visual treat indeed.

4. It was wonderful to see Anand Babu back in screen, dancing as he  is used to ( leaving away his funny hairdo)


1. The sagging second half and the big pot holes in the screenplay. The time lines are extremely compensated and at one point you don’t understand where the story is happening (Kolkata or Darjeeling)

2. The music is not even average. I think Harris Jayaraj is running out of commercial loops. Except Hasili Fisliye, others are not interesting and provide bumper speed breakers for the movie. (Does that tribal song “Maasi Maasi” resemble Mayya Mayya from Guru?)

3. The CG in the flash back is a shame to the improving quality of CG in Tamil Movies. If the implementation is bad, any concept goes for a toss. Pathetically implemented and I felt Ramanarayanan’s Amman movies were better

4. Some of the fight sequences could have been made better. I dunno when will they stop using Surya in parkour sequences and this one is a straight lift from Casino Royale ( Dont worry. It’s only for few minutes !!!)

5. You can’t count the number of people in that family. I don’t understand the point. Were the whole bunch cast for “Varayo” Song or vice versa?

6. Did I see a Tata Docomo ad in the paper read by Saroja Devi in the flashback sequence? Wake up Guys, you are in a movie industry where a guy acquired 1940s Anandha Vikatan to authenticate a time line.

In short a movie which was produced by Udhayanidhi, directed by Ravikumar, acted by Surya with the name Aadhavan, it never rose to the expectations.*

A 2 Stars/ 5 just for first half comedy and Surya.

*PS: All have names either of the Sun God or names derived from the Sun God.

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  1. same thots.
    saw the movie @ sathyam cinemas on sat night.
    go with your friends, just enjoy Vedi velu's comic and admire Surya(and Tara 😉 )

    dont expect anything else.


    1. Yes Santhankrishnan.. But even Nayanthara had very less screen presence 🙁


      1. thats because she has reduced her weight and is very chick. may be that's why she occupies less screen space 😉

        she has a pierced nose. think many will follow this habit of nose piercing henceforth 🙂


        1. Ha ha ha Good one..:)


        2. This reminds me of the time when Sridevi pierced her nose, and all young women in Tamilnadu got their noses pierced, too. Then Sridevi went to Bombay, got a nose job done, and away went her pierced nose – leaving behind a whole generation of pierced nose young women. Rajimuth


          1. Wow, that's a small piece of kollywood history.. I also remember the trend of Nadhiya Fashion items and Amala Sarees which became rage in those times.

  2. Hmm, sometimes, good actors lose their credibility with such predictable masala movies. Good review.



    1. True Aunty.. I am not against Masala movies, when its well taken. Because Masala movies depict the true mix of fun and frolic of our filmdom. But this one was very badly executed…Thanks for the comment


  3. nice review dude. Captured the essence. and the true quizzer noticed the goofups in the ad 🙂


    1. Yeah KN – Eyeing for the details can't help it 🙂


  4. Seems to be a remake of His Highness Abdullah, a Mallu movie starring superstar Mohanlal and featuring some awesome songs. Has KSR stooped to this level?


    1. Pantan, I think its very similar to His Highness Abdullah. I was just thinking where he got the string from. It was usually a hollywood movie but this time he had kept his hands on the Mallu movie world. I think Jaggubhai is a rip-off of Liam Neeson starrer Taken


  5. Dudes, Ayan was decent. Every one expected more than Ayan. But this Aadhavan is less than even VEL.


  6. nice write-up..i like the pace in your writing; neither sedate nor like an overshot arrow.

    i might see this movie not for surya but for one of my all time fav actor…murali..

    and if it is a lift from HHA…they they better declare that they are shameless!!


  7. afte the 1st 10 mins of the movie wer v c surya handling ludicrous looking arms such as snipers n rpg in a montage, i laughed(laughed at the silly looking guns tat is) n tot to the amazement of myself, contemplating tat is tis movie going 2 b a detailed coverage of a hitman’s life n the tots of kicking myself occured since i’ve alwiz bashed k.s.ravikumar 4 making cliched masala movies but in the end i actualy kicked myself for even thinkin tat k.s had the worth 2 make such movies in my mind. He predictably crashed into the comedy masala hackeyed script tat v al hav been familiar wit. Tat was lik k.s.ravikumar chickened out o knew he is incompetance of sumthin differen lik a script abt a hitman’s life. Wat a shame..


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