“Utkarnthu Velai seiranvanukkum, uyira panayam vachu Velai seiranvanukkum vidyasam irukku” one of the brilliant dialogues by Era Murugan and uttered by David Billa sums up Billa 2 pretty much.There are a few who have given the heart and soul in to the movie but a few chose to take it easy.

Billa 2 is a prequel to the original Billa that was remade by Vishnuvardhan with Ajith in lead. Most of them still don't understand the concept of prequel even though the media is trying to push the fact in to their minds. Chakri Toleti's Billa 2 is moderately inspired by Scarface, 1983 cult classic does not make you sit up with its inventiveness but at the same time the movie is not a super dud.

The treatment given to the movie reminds me of those action flicks that come in Hollywood without proper story lines. I dunno whether the director wanted this as his final product because a few scenes have been chopped mindlessly. The build ups to the heist scenes, the final climax and the car sequence where Billa saves Jasmine have been ruthlessly murdered. If this was director's idea, he has to rethink about his directorial abilities


Ajith continues from what he had left in Billa. He looks menacing and his remorseless calm during murders gives a chill down your spine. His screen presence helps a lot for the movie to run. The biggest let down are the leading ladies – both Parvathy Omanakuttan (as Jasmine) and Bruna Abdullah (as Sameera) make a disappointing debut. They are just operational in the movie. Vidyut Jamwal impresses and Yog Jappee as Ranjith is adequate.

Era. Murugan once again proves he is the dialogue writer to look for. David Billa's oneliners are punchy and philosophical. Unakkule Mirugam stands out of the lot and the graphic novel style picturisation is innovative. Yuvan's BGM score was interesting in parts but the erratic screenplay doesn't give him ample scope to score with his music. RD Rajasekhar has done his job quite brilliantly.

The stunt sequences (Stefan Richter) are well conceived with more hand to hand combat instead of super hero style flying that we usually see in Tamil cinema. But how people would react to the Korean style harsh knife work and throat slitting sequences is a question mark.

With all these positives, there is something that's fundamentally lacking in Billa 2. It lacks the one factor that makes an average movie great. When I came out of the theatre, one question was lingering in my mind. Was this the complete movie that Chakri wanted the audience to see? Or is there something more to this? Only he can answer this question. At last, he will end up as the person responsible for giving a half baked product that doesn't taste great.

A 2.5/5 for Ajith, Era Murugan and Stefan Richter.


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