We all love Biriyanis. Every one has a favourite type. Some like Malabar. Some like Hyderabadi. Although I like to taste every biriyani that this world can offer, my most favourite till now is the Dindigul Thalapakkatti Seeraga Samba style biriyani. The small pieces of mutton mixed well with rice and cooked in ghee… Wait wait wait, Sorry, I know you are expecting a movie review but what to do the title of the movie was so delicious to ignore. I just got carried away.

Cooking a biriyani may sound easy but it's really an intricate dish. If one piece of the ingredient is bad, it will lose it's taste. Take for instance Venkat Prabhu's Biriyani, it has some wonderful ingredients. For instance, Nasser's brilliant acting when he impersonates Premji or the unexpected Bob Biswasish role of Uma Riyas makes this recipe very interesting. Venkat Prabhu also has his usual tongue in cheek humour that shines every now and then. And of course, sometimes Premji tickles your funny bones.

But the problem is the mutton tastes bad. I mean the basic premise and terribly crafted screenplay. Let's admit, Mankatha with all plot issues worked because of Ajith. His characterisation and unapologetic portrayal of Vinayak Mahadevan made that game interesting. But Karthi doesn't have the believability that this role like Sugan demands. His guffaws with Premji is boring, unimaginative and repetitive.

We have a dumb villain and a dumber police (in this case CBI) who are happy to allow the hero and his friend to operate at ease. In fact, nobody recognised them even after their photos are splashed on screen. We have a heroine who is a TV journalist and splatter a sensational news without even an approval from editor. We have an Asst Commissioner who has nothing else to do other than tagging with a big industrialist. We have a voluptuous vamp who sizzles on screen. Cliched characters, cliched scenes and above all the clichéd con job from Venkat Prabhu to claim it as a twist.

After continuous debacles at the box office, they have decided Karthi needs to have a hit. Venkat Prabhu is someone who is a safe director. But he realised that Karthi doesn't have such towering screen presence like his previous star. So he decides to name the movie on the star's favourite dish he cooked for the crew (I was happy that they didn't name it Thala Biriyani). Get a story that will look like a murder mystery with a so called twist at the end. Arrange the bits and pieces. Flavour it with his usual actors and make some of them do cameos. Top it up with an unwanted flash mob on his previous star's birthdate camouflaging it as a plot device. Venkat what were you thinking? If you thought this Biriyani is going to taste delicious, you should have given a second thought. Even Yuvan's music is not a perfect accompaniment except for Pom Pom Penne.

Venkat Prabhu's Biriyani is stale and unpalatable. Probably, he should have cooked them with better mutton pieces. I think he didn't have a good recipe to start with.

A 2/5 for Venkat Prabhu's not so tasty biriyani.

Take a break Venkat Prabhu and have a Thala biriyani, we will go to Thalapakatti for now.

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  1. I think Karthi and Selvaraghavan need to join hands and do a movie together to save their respective careers or Surya and Karthi together – perhaps a Karan-Arjun style pot-boiler 🙂


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