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Juno is a nice little Robot Dog of the future which befriends the heroine when she is searching for her husband. An advanced Robot technology allows Juno to speak, work, scan books in few seconds and heuristically learn things based on Neural Networks. It helps the heroine to topple a govt and slowly learns what feelings are, what does a kiss mean and eventually falls in love with the heroine.

It’s killed by the villain group at the end of the first part who abduct the heroine and make her the puppet queen of the country. It comes back in the second half, takes a different form to save the girl, kill the villains and bring democracy to the country. It eventually stops working and kept at the national museum.

No I am not making a mockery of Endhiran story line. This is the consolidated story line of Yen iniya Iyendhira and Meendum juno, the two scintillating classics from Sujatha ( I call him Isaac Asimov of India). Endhiran’s story line or premise or even the timeline are far off from the books. But there was only one stark similarity that I found, the characterisation of Chitti

Endhiran – the magnum opus of Shankar – Rajinikanth – Kalanithi Maran has already been declared as a mega blockbuster and sure to break all possible records in the movie industry. But will it be that first Indian made sci-fi movie which will close in the boundaries between Indian movies and hollywood is a 162 Cr question mark?

Endhiran directed by Shankar is a story of robotic scientist Vaseegaran ( Rajinikanth) who creates an advanced humanoid robot Chitti ( Rajinikanth again). He wants to train the robot to replace the army men to fight in the war front. Dr.Bohra (Danny Denzongpa) Senior of Vaseegaran does everything to sabotage the plan and proves that Chitti will be a menace as he doesnt understand feelings. Vaseegaran through heuristics and practice makes Chitti to feel. Chitti feels and falls in love with Sana ( Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), the girl friend of Vaseegaran. Chitti wants to get married to Sana and derails the army evaluation. Vaseegaran in rage destroys Chitti and dumps him in waste bin. With the chip still working and with the help of Bohra, Chitti gets a new life. Bohra implants a destruction mode to chitti through a chip (??!!) and Chitti grows beyond proportions. He abducts Sana and takes over the city. How Vaseegaran intelligently captures Chitti and saves the city is shown in a 45 minute CG extravaganza

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Rajini as Vaseegaran, Chitti and Chitti 2.0 sizzles in the movie. Vaseegaran is grounded, realistic whereas Chitti is lovable and the final climax scene gives you tear in the eye. Chitti 2.0 is menacing, brash and loud villainy which we saw in Nambiar, Asokan times and boy Rajini just bludegeons the role. The black sheep scene is the best of the lot.

Aishwarya as Sana is present in the movie to add to the hype and crooning all the 3 Rajinis. What more you can expect when there are 3 different Rajini characters in the movie. Danny Denzongpa is a wasted character (does he speak Hindi throughout the whole movie??) and created only for moving the movie to the next scene. Santhanam and Karunas as the Assitants are the most impluasible characterisations you can think off and yeah you have few other characters like Kalabavan Mani (to induce a song), Sabu Cyril (worst cameo you can think of) etc.,

I like to divide the movie in to good parts and the bad parts. You decide which one outweighs the other. The good parts are the acting of Rajini, Rathinavelu’s cinematography (Kadhal Anukkal and Kilimanjaro – sexy), Sabu Cyril’s artwork ( even the Vaseegaran’s research lab is awesome to look), AR Rahman’s climax score and Shankar’s imagination in the final climax sequence

The bad parts are the lack of scope for Rajini in acting. He is made as the hero because he is the only one guy who can give the ROI to this movie and any actor could have easily made through the roles. I felt Chitti 2.0 was not menacing enough. May be Shankar was weary of the family fans of Rajini.The unwarranted songs, totally unimportant Bohra character (what happens to the foreign terrorist group), Chitti’s antics evoke laugh than Comedy scenes, logical mistakes ( when the robot comes from the behind, Rajini runs back to take the van in the climax scene) and lack of punch in background score for most part of the movie.

Above all I dunno how a chip can implant the bad emotions to a robot. Although the robot is fixed with a chip, it can learn emotions only through heuristics and consistent learning which is shown even in the first part of the movie. It hurts to see Shankar making such mistakes.

Pic Courtesy: Official Endhiran Facebook Page

There were lot of directors who were dependent on the brilliance of a man called Sujatha. 3 people are more important in it, Mani Rathnam, Shankar and Kamal. Mani Rathnam showed in Raavanan, Shankar has shown it in Endhiran, will Kamal bite the dust too is the question time has to answer.

Endhiran is not a bad movie. It’s worth the watch just for Rajini’s acting and Shankar’s imagination. It will become the highest grossing blockbuster of all time in India and if you are a Rajini fan i bet you will watch it atleast 3 times. Endhiran is by far the best attempt India has made in terms of Sci Fi movies. The only thing that stands in between Endhiran as just another movie and a classic is a person called Sujatha Rangarajan. Sorry folks, for me Endhiran will go down as yet another sci-fi attempt in Indian movie history Dot

A 2.5/5 just for Rajinikanth and Shankar’s Imagination

P.S : I loved the poem recited by Chitti in Army Evaluation. Heard that it was written by Na. Muthukumar and I would say Madhan Karky has emulated his dad Vairamuthu with his first song ” Irumbile “

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  1. nice nice well said… agree with most of the points.. btw when does sabu cyril come as a cameo.. i thin i missed it hehe


  2. Chilly!! Lovely read man… I must say i agree with you on most accounts (including the BGScore… though i would blame the screenplay for that :-P). This is my first foray into your space… Looking forward to more… Cheers! 🙂


  3. udayasoorian October 9 at 9:29 am

    I thought BGM was taken from a beethoven CD and rahman added some new notes….It shows the difference between Raja and Rahman ' when they do experiment in different genre eg: Raja's Mumbai Express jazz music ahead of Rahman's Jillunu Oru Kadhal but still our people will appreciate Endhiran movie's BGM and other rahman's experiments………….

    It is well known fact that in an interview shankar told how he suffered in dialogues and screen play due sudden demise of Sujatha….. I think only two people put endhiran on their shoulders..Its Rajini and Sujatha…First half dialogues are just 'genius'….Like Vasi, summer leave la vantha rishi madiri irukka ………….

    We shud know that Rajini is the best comedian next to Goundamani in Tamil Cinema…So when santhanam,karunas comes they will be overshadow by rajini's comedy…..

    Hollywood markets are un imaginable compared to indian cinema…so our spend have to be with in the budget…..That will always be a constraint even if rajini acts way is to make our own way of indian cinemas like satyajit ray our own bharathi raja…we need to be indianised jus a wanted to reach on par with hollywood wont help…

    Endhiran is an sci fi film for common man…Shankar and Sujatha combo always did that in their films..We have to watch how shankar is gonna handle his forthcoming films especially dialogues….I noticed that in second half dialogues where too lengthy which is not usual sujatha's style…he even wrote in his book 'how to write a screen play' , that dialogue shud be very short for movies.We have to watch how shankar is gonna handle his forthcoming films especially the dialogues.


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