Balaji Mohan is my favourite director. Ok, I can sense that inquisitive look from some of my readers on how’s it possible when the director debuts on the silver screen. It’s possible when the director was a celebrated runner up of hugely popular talent show “Naalaya Iyakkunar” . I am following Balaji Mohan right from his Kalaignar TV stint and loved his short film version of this movie, Mittai Veedu and most of his creations.

Honestly, I was skeptic on how he is going to elevate the short film in to a feature film. Sustenance of interest is definitely possible in a short version but you should have strong writing skills to transform the magic to the big screen. I should say Balaji Mohan has graduated with distinction.


The storyline is pretty simple. The movie startts with the break up of the lead pair Arun (Siddharth) and Parvathi (Amala Paul), who are students in an engineering college. While has loveable perfect parents, Parvathi has to deal with the divorce of her parents who had a love marriage. How the lead pair understands that the characteristics of men and women are different and why love need not be between people who are made for each other forms the crux of the story.

KSY works because of the smart writing of Balaji and the clear control he has on the proceedings. The back and forth narrative with Siddharth talking to the camera actually works although a few would have thought it may be good only for a short movie. Balaji seamlessly shifts focus from the lead pair to the supporting pairs and you don’t find it boring because of the superb humour that runs around in these sequences. Kudos to Balaji for not using Professor Jokes or crude “A’Rated humour which are the usual suspects for any college movie. The humorous takes on different love angles work like a charm. The scene in the restaurant where Siddharth sits without thinking anything, the sequence that explains why Siddharth’s friend could not talk to girls, the frisby and the dam opening sequence are all fabulously conceived

Nirav’s camera work is adequate and Thaman’s music works only in Parvathi Parvathi (credit to MSV for the original :p) and Azhaippaya. He could have made a little more effort on the background score. One of the biggest reasons why KSY works is the casting. The chemistry between Siddharth and Amala Paul is sweet and the team was smart enough to retain the people who played the “friends” from the short movie. They are just brilliant. Above all the more heartening casting is of Suresh as Amala’s Dad. The casting gives you a reminiscence of the late 80s but why use Kamal’s song for Suresh. Although a lofty idea, if they had cast Nadhiya opposite Suresh, it would have been a clincher.

A few of the girls might think that it’s a man’s point of view but the movie does take jibes at men who don’t understand the psyche of a woman. KSY is a 2 hour fun ride that gives moments to laugh at ourselves. If you are married or committed, go with your partner, you will not regret it as you are going to have some punches, some pinches, some sweet chuckles and end up with smile thinking that you are made for each other. If you are single, you would understand why you are happy being single.

A sweet 3.5/5 and a must watch for Kadhalil Sodhappavadhu Yeppadi. It’s definitely not a Sodhappal movie.


1. We know the movie was taken in low budget, but could have avoided the obvious references to places in Hyderabad (number plate in vehicles, malls and buses)

2. I have posted the original short movie instead of the trailer or the song for those who haven’t seen it

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