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Although Tamilnadu is an active political state, Tamil movies haven’t explored the genre of political thrillers. Almost every masala movie might have a cliched politician, but directors are wary of creating an investigative thriller in Tamil cinema due to the substantial political clout in Tamil cinema. It’s easy to copy from a Hollywood flick (Ko) or stray away towards cliches. Kodi suffers from the latter, and Durai Senthilkumar debauches an excellent plot with typical Tamil cinema cliches.

Kodi is a story of two rivals from the two opposite parties in the state. Kodi ( the name given by the Party President) is raised by his Father (Karunas) to become a politician while his twin raised as a soft-spoken boy by their mother (Saranya). Karunas immolates himself to close a Mercury factory in the nearby village and Kodi takes a vow to be a good politician. Kodi’s rival and love interest, Rudhra (played by Trisha), imbibes the thought of becoming a leader from her young age and starts as a stage speaker in political rallies. At one point, when there is a bye election in their constituency, both of them are selected as their party’s respective candidates. The rest of the movie is about how Rudhra’s actions snowball into problems in their life and relationship.

The strength of the movie is the strong characterizations of the leads in the film especially with Dhanush (as Kodi) and Trisha. Dhanush has carried the role of Kodi brilliantly, and you can envision a young politician, especially in the body language. Trisha’s Rudhra is most probably the meatiest part of her career, and she has done justice to some extent. But, sometimes her expressions fail especially in the scenes where she should show evilness. While the director explained the background story of Kodi, the lack of story behind (except for a passing dialogue) Rudhra’s character makes it unbelievable.

When you sit up and notice the brilliant juxtaposition of the lovers pitted against each other in a political imbroglio, Durai Senthilkumar happily chooses to stray away to the cliches. And as usual, the hero has a ‘Dhanush Cliche’ (I opted to name it after him because he needs to have a psychological disorder according to Tamil movies) and that shatters the film into the regular directions, a Tamil cinema would take. The scenes are the same that you will see in any political Tamil masala movie, the same double crossing police and the politician siding with another politician and all the usual stupidity a smart villain would do. I still can’t understand, how a brilliant politicking mind like Rudhra would make such dumb decisions just to allow the hero to succeed at the end. Why can’t directors put some thought to decide on a how a character would end. Probably, it’s so difficult to think through those aspects in a hero oriented Tamil cinema industry.

Anupama (of Premam fame) doesn’t have much to do while Saranya is in her usual self. Santhosh Narayanan’s music is not much to talk about, and I was literally playing Jigarthanda background score while Trisha was on screen – it would have been apt. The point is this movie needed a rousing score but what we have is just a wimpy one.

Durai Senthilkumar’s initial idea is one of the most interesting plots that Tamil cinema has seen. The political fight between lovers would have made an enjoyable movie to watch. The twin exists in the film only to take over the place of his other twin combined with a psychological disorder. If the director thought that was the twist in the movie, let the film Gods bless him.

Kodi is a like a biriyani that smells incredible, but the meat inside is stale. Wish Durai had cooked it better.

I go with 2.5/5 for Kodi and watch it if you like Dhanush or Trisha.

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