Spoiler Alert: I had to give out some plot points to do a good review. Bear with me.

If you have seen movies on Siamese twins, the plot point revolves around the two lead characters. For instance, the immensely popular Thai movie Alone (Charulatha’s original) or critically acclaimed Twin Falls Idaho, both have conflicts related to the relationship between the conjoined twins. Maatraan fails miserably to explain why the two Suryas should be conjoined twins and not any other.

Whenever you try to create screenplay around a character and not on a plot line, you will fail 9 out of 10 times. Probably, KV Anand should have decided that he is going to do a movie on conjoined twins with Surya in the lead and tried to build utterly confusing screenplay around his idea.

No doubt Surya has excelled in his wonderful portrayal of conjoined twins. No doubt the graphics and camera department has worked reasonably well to show off what they intended to start with. But at the end of the day what’s the point. This story could have been possible with normal twins or two brothers or even brother-sister combination. The exercise is so futile that the scenes in the first half have been forced in to the movie just to show off what they have done.

The story is about Ramachandran (Sachin Khedekar) who experiments on his own wife to create a super human being. The experiment fails and Sudha (Tara) gives birth to conjoined twins (Surya) – Agilan & Vimalan. Vimalan grows up to become responsible, righteous and intelligent whereas Agilan is spendthrift, individualistic and jolly good fellow. Ramachandran bogged down by failures decides to sell his half baked research as a health drink and becomes a millionaire in short time. Few people try to investigate the secret behind his health drink and mysteriously die. Vimalan finds the truth and gets killed while trying to save an important evidence. As Vimalan holds the heart common to both, Agilan is saved through an heart transplant. How Agilan takes revenge for his brother’s murder forms rest of the story.

As I said earlier, it wouldn’t have mattered even if they were not conjoined twins because that doesn’t influence the story anyway. The movie doesn’t deal with mental agony of a brother’s loss in detail nor it tries to give us a clue how the girl friend of the dead twin falls for the living one.

Leaving that part out, if you expect KV Anand to do justice to his original story, he does every bit to break your expectation in to pieces. In one shot, he tarnishes the image of Unified USSR gold medal winning team that won 45 gold medals in 1992 Barcelona Olympics. That was the last time, the erstwhile USSR competed as one single team after the partition. The whole concept of creating a fictional Ukvania but showing Russia in the backdrop seems idiotic than intelligent. There was not even a conspiracy theory regarding that famous team but our KV Anand chose to taint their image without any qualms about it. Who’s going to point a finger on him, after all the country is no more.

If Harris Jayaraj’s songs are unbearable (people started walking out during songs) the background score is terrible. You can sense his 7 Aum Arivu hangover. Long drawn unimaginative fight sequences, Kajal Agarwal’s never ending free translation service in the background and unnecessary build up to the climax make you cringe on your seats. Half way through, you feel frustrated and just want the torture to end.

KV Anand has become a victim of his own brand of movie making. I still think his first movie, Kanaa Kanden was his best as it was honest and had some raw brilliance. Maatraan touches the new low in Tamil cinema and it’s high time directors stop this gimmickry. I wish the genetic modification was so easy like what they showed in this movie, we need do it to some of our directors.

Are you still looking for a rating from me? Be happy that I haven’t gone in to negative ratings.

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  1. OMG…! At first when i entered the site… in a hurry i scrolled to the bottom to see the rating…! Shocked to see the last line..! then i read the entire thing slowly..! Anyway that’s a nice punch at the last when i saw it first…! Great..! Saved my 120 rupees @escape this friday…!


  2. Ramyasadasivam October 17 at 10:39 am

    Don’t make too much fun of KV Anand. He has helped you improve your sarcasm 🙂


  3. Excellent review sylvian – and whole-heartedly agree about Kanaa Kandaen – Prithviraj as the suave villain was too good!


  4. Since we have a little boy we never go to the theater to watch movies. Last Sat we decided to go to the movie i.e. me and my husband leaving my son with a baby sitter. God!! I wish I had seen your review before that. 🙂 Yes building a screenplay around a concept not even a character will result in failure for sure!!


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