After a debacle of Paiya, I thought I should not see Tamil movies for at least a month but I had already made my bookings for this movie. Myself and my friend after a sumptuous lunch at Dindigul Thalapakatti, made our way to Six Degrees in Sathyam for early afternoon show. The movie had a host of new comers with a new director. The only technician o knew was Thaman, the music director and he is as good as new..

So there we were and the movie did surprise me in a positive way. The movie starts with Sanjay retrospecting his life on the banks of Thames. Sanjay is a project manager in an IT company in Chennai living with his Father and younger brother in a posh flat. He starts liking Pooja, a new girl in their flats only to find that she is engaged already. He slowly gets in to friendship with Aarthi (Ekta), a salsa dancer who lives her life in her own terms. She is caricatured as the wrong woman by his friends he finds her independent, sensitive and attractive. He falls in love with her and although she loves him, says she can’t fall in love with him as she doesn’t believe in relationships. In between Sanjay meets Anu (Lizna), a colleague who is similar to what Sanjay expects how his wife should be. Once during a trip to Ooty, Sanjay finds Aarthi has a child and starts avoiding her. In a desperation and anger, he proposes to Anu and she accepts his proposal. Sanjay reveals to his friends about her child and her friends, family banish her. He later finds that the child is not hers but her sister’s illegal child. What happens next is for you to find on screen…

The realism in Tamil movies were only restricted to rural stories or the lower class people of the cities. Mundhinam portrays the realistic life of youth who have a good job,enjoy the weekends, gossip about friends and colleagues, fall in relationships, have painful heart breaks and get to face reality at some point of time. More than the lead actors, the supporting cast score sixes in every scene they are. Sai Prashanth as Dinesh, close buddy of Sanjay, Priya and Shiva ( dunno their names) are very impressive. Especially Sai Prashanth, with his dialogue delivery and expressions tickle your funny bones all through the movie. Having a 5 year old condom to show off to friends, meeting the girl who he chatted with even his introduction scene will make laugh out loud. Priya on the other hand portrays the self-proud girl and who doesn’t care gossiping about friends at office. Shiva, acting as a typical guy from south with an accent kicks ass in the few scenes he is given – especially the one where he expresses his virginity problem.

Of all the 3 lead ladies, Aarthi’s character has a good scope for acting and Ekta pulls it off convincingly. Sanjay is sometimes seems to be less expressive and needs to do an acting and dancing course for sure. May be a better casting would have made the movie more beautiful. I accept that new faces give you the realistic feeling but we do have good new face actors who can do a better job than these people.

Cinematography is eye-catching and Vincent (a PC Sriram product – visuals prove it) has done a fantabulous job especially in song sequences. Antony’s editing is below par while Thaman is impressive in Indre Indre, Pesum Poove and Mundhinan Parthene ( Title Score) but expect more after his Eeram score. His background score accentuates the movie perfectly. But too many songs at the wrong time spoils the pace of the movie.

Magizh Thirumeni, a Gautam Menon product taking the name of the movie from his mentor’s song (like Gautam did) has done a superb job in his debut. The scene conceptualizations, witty sharp one-liners (“yenaku puriyala, naan mattum than ippadiya illa yella pasanga kullayum oru SJ Suryah iruppana” in the lift scene) and simplified direction with no major fuss- refreshing. The movie never treads to over melodramatic scenes nor does it goes overboard with dialogues and scenes in the name of glamor quotient which the director could have done so easily.

Hats off to the realistic attempt but would have been an “Ullam Ketkume” with a good cast and reduction of songs

2.5/5 for Magizh Thirumeni’s Mundhinam Parthene – Watch it for the urban realism.

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