This review will not say why the movie is bad and how it could have been better. Rather, it will be a rant on why one of my most favourite directors should not have taken this movie.

I consider Manivannan as one of the best in Tamil Cinema. His movies are far far better than the current crop of copycat directors who claim that they are reviving Tamil cinema. Manivannan was original, honest and above all a wonderful screen writer. Although his sharp dialogues still living, his Midas touch of screen play writing is long dead.

Amaidhipadai is a cult classic. It will be one of the 50 best Tamil movies ever and Nagaraja Chozhan will actually be fighting for the top position for best villain on my list. I am not able to understand how and why Manivannan decided to make such a mess with a character we loved (and hated)

I felt his political inclination has taken over and killed the movie maker in him. The only good part in the movie is the dialogues between Nagaraja Chozhan (Sathyaraj) and Mani Maran (Mani Vannan). Their wise cracks and quips about current political situation are laugh worthy – probably you will see them only on Jaya TV. Nothing else is good in the movie. You can’t even sit through the rest of the movie because it aimlessly wanders and watching becomes unbearable torture. You get to see Avatarish tribal fight against goons, love story, political murders and even CBI enquiry – nothing is interesting.

It was painful to see the young people making fun one of the best directors in Tamil Cinema – I wanted to shout – “Guys, Please… this is the same guy who made classics like Gopurangal Saivadhillai, 24 Mani Neram, Nooravathu Naal and the original Amaidhipadai. Give him a break”. They wouldn’t know his best. I have only this movie in front of me which is an effort that is unworthy of his past glory. Manivannan shouldn’t have made this movie. If someone wanted a propaganda, he should have done it on TV. It hurts to see his fall. It hurts. It will take sometime for me to forget this debacle from Manivannan.

I have to watch Amaidhipadai once more to remove this distaste. If you are a fan of the original, I request not to watch this movie.

P.S: Mani darling, why?

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