I want my readers to do a simple exercise when you watch OKOK . If you can’t do the exercise for the first time, try it when you watch it for the second time on some channel (probably in Kalaignar TV) in a few months from now. The exercise is as follows: shut your eyes and ears in the scenes in which Santhanam is not present and watch only those scenes in which he is in. You will enjoy the movie lot better than what you did with the lead actors in it. The only reason I watched this movie was because of Santhanam – Rajesh combination. To be fair to them, they don’t disappoint you in this regard. Punchy one-liners, timely jokes and naturally funny sequences tickle your funny bone a lot more than you expect from a Tamil movie. The flight sequence, the climax story telling scene (you figure out what they are mocking) or every sequence that Santhanam is in, theater bursts in to laughter.

But at the same time, you are bound to have short naps because of boredom in other scenes. Let’s get this straight, Udhayanidhi is not made for acting. A cardboard would have done a better job than him in romance and sentimental scenes. I could not figure out when the lead characters (are they?) fell in love. You don’t relate to these characters like you did with Shiva-Sakthi of SMS. Given the abilities of the actors in question, I don’t blame the director for the mishap.

Saranya shows why she is versatile. But her long standing fight with her husband (Azhagan Perumal) seems forced and trivial. The director should have left the sentimental track as it doesn’t suit the characteristics of his movie. The girl who comes as Santhanam’s girl friend is beyond imagination. Interesting characterization and wonderfully done. Except Venaam Machan, Harris Jayaraj fails to capture your attention. He has become too repetitive to tolerate and it’s about time he changes.

Rajesh (director) would have done better with another lead actor. The bro-chemistry between his lead characters have always been the high point of his movies. When your resources are limited, you try to salvage rather than think about success. He had his important trump card well placed and has used it in the right places. Although he has missed his rummy by a big margin, he has saved himself from the loss. In fact, he has concentrated on his strengths and Santhanam’s strengths rather than trying to help the lead actors to act better. A smart move but it becomes a tough watch for the audience. When I came out of the theater, I could remember 10 different scenes and all of them were of Santhanam’s. That’s how inevitable he was.

Oh the story, like in other Rajesh movies, it starts with Hero trying to find his lover to salvage the situation. The movie pans back in to flashback mode where the hero and his friend are working in Sathyam Cinemas (they never work except for a spilt second scene). Hero falls in love with the heroine (Hansika Motwani) at first sight while waiting in a signal. Heroine, who is initially not interested with the hero is forced to fall in love with the hero through various circumstances. Couple of songs, misunderstanding ensues. A star in the guest role comes in the climax and helps the hero and heroine to come together. Sorry I wasted a paragraph to explain the story!!!

2 out of 5 just for Santhanam otherwise “OKOK” is not “OK”


1.Why is the hell of the udhay of the act of the movie?
2.Why is the director is the use is the wonderful is the title is the for this is the mokkai movie?


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Udhay’s drinking & spoken english scenes! That KF flight sequence & ‘Parachute’ was just comedic genius~
    On the other hand,Santhanam recently gave an interview in ‘The Hindu’ about how its getting immensely hard for him to deliver on each of his performances as his fame grows. Maybe he should just lay low for a while~


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