It was a Saturday night and I has decided long back I should settle for Mumbai Indians match. My friends had different ideas though – booking night show for Paiya. I had the least rank for the movie in my expectation meter as I hated Lingusamy’s last 3 movies including the so called hit “Sandakozhi”. I hoped that he satisfy my least expectation but alas he made me to break my head for choosing the movie instead of IPL

The story (was there one?) is about Shiva (Karthi), a happy go lucky, spend thrift who falls in love with Charulatha (Tamannah) at the first sight in a bus stop. He accidentally meets her in Railway Station while waiting to pick up his friend and embarks a journey to Mumbai to free her from the problems she is facing. What continues is a dull, boring drive to Mumbai with a run-of-the mill end

I was awed by Karthi in Paruthiveeran and got convinced in Aayirathil Oruvan that this guy is going to be an actor to reckon with but watching Paiya, I got dejected to the core. Shiva’s character was an urban extension of Paruthiveeran with respect to dialogue delivery and expressions. It looked like he had an extended hangover which he didn’t want to clear off. Dolled up Tamanna, with no space to act – not even sparks of brilliance which was there in Karthi’s acting. A wasted cameo by Milind Soman (how do you look the same from captain Vyom times??) and effective one from “Nandu” Jagan , a host of goons whose only work is to eat biriyani and get bashed up by Karthi now and then

There are only two things that saves the movie – music of Yuvan – Thuli Thuli and En Kadhal lingers in your heart whereas Rajeevan’s art work amazes you in Suthuthe. Even his art work at the climax sequence is apt. With those wonderful technicians, the film is  let down by Lingusamy’s story and screenplay. First of all there was no story, I dunno what those 4 people who were credited for story discussion in this movie. The predictable suspense of why Tamannah is running is revealed exactly after half an hour in the movie and there goes your interest for the movie to a toss. Yes there were a few hilarious scenes and interesting interludes between Tamannah and Karthi but a few good scenes never maketh a movie. The fight sequences are choreographed like a joke. Man, come on if you are hit by iron rods and then the hero bashing up every one without even blood from his head – is he iron man clone or what ? Kanal Kannan needs to have a reality check. If he is so strong , why we need car chases and that intelligent (lame!) umbrella scene in the toll gate – logically idiotic. The second half is a drag and you just wish the movie gets over.

Karthi, choose your movies wisely otherwise you will lose the respect of so many good movie watchers in Tamil Nadu.

Yuvan, please don’t waste your musical talent and give such gems to this crappy stuf.

Mr. Lingusamy, do Tamil movie world a favour “STOP MAKING MOVIES “

1/2 out 5 and Two Rotten Eggs for Lingusamy’s Paiya. Watch it only if you have time and money to waste.

P.S : Why did the name the movie Paiya? Because they haven’t grown up

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  4. Anandham was a good movie.


    1. Anandham was indeed a good movie aunty and still love the movie for it's portrayal of family values. it was taken from a leaf out of his own life. Even Run was interesting but after Ji, Linguswamy was testing the patience of the people.


  5. haha 🙂 good one there.. i loved the last line .. rotten eggs 😀 well after a long tme reading ur blog lookls like lots there 4 me to read and comment 🙂


  6. we can say paiya as a second or modern version of sandai kozhi.. i don find much difference between these two movies. there the villains were in coimbatore. here they are in bombay. in both situations, they are the victims of the hero and searching for him. as usual the could not do anything after finding him.


  7. i love the song en kadhal solla ,especially the beat un azhakale……………


    1. Reesa , it's a wonderful song and but it ended up in a bad movie


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