A movie which was pitted in equivalence to Inception turns to be contrived, simplistic and predictable. I didn’t understand the hype, positive reviews from all major reviewers and even more a 7.8 in IMDB just because this movie is idiotic. A movie which tries to ape a classic and fails at all ends including screenplay, casting, direction combined with an unimpressive score.

Source Code Movie Review
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Source Code is a story about a computer program which allows to reassign 8 minutes of your time in the past to find the real cause for the event. The source code takes you to an alternate reality where you can find the cause but not alternate the original end of the event. No I am not giving a spoiler here because the movie itself opens up the suspense in 30 Minutes. Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), an war helicopter pilot is reassigned as Sean Fentress in a Chicago train, which was subjected to a bomb blast in the morning. His mission is to find the bomber as he is planning a series of blasts in Chicago. Every time when he goes back, he can stay there only for 8 minutes and he can do different things to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Stevens tries to find about himself and gets attracted to Catherina, a girl who travels with him in the train. Eventually Steven finds the bomber and wants to go back one more to save the people in the train – in alternate reality of course. What happens forms the stupidest climaxes you will ever see..

The problem with Source Code is that it reveals too much too early. The suspense is never kept nor you like the twist. It’s a typical science fiction from Hollywood, where you talk about alternate reality and special powers of brain. Although reliving the same moments takes its inspiration from Groundhog Day and Vantage Point, it doesn’t sustain your interest like those interesting movies. Even the so called bomber in the movie is just a neuro psychotic and nothing more. If you think, the suspense behind Colter’s existence will interest you atlas, it ends up as a dud except for a gory revelation. Although the screenplay is tight, the premise is utterly stupid and boring. The only saving grace would be Vera Farmiga’s restraint acting as Goodwin, who acts as the point of contact with Jake Gyllenhaal. The musical score is unimpressive and Duncan Jones as the director of the movie is never in control

Source Code is a over hyped sic-fi pinning its hopes on emulating Inception kind of a reception. The major difference between the two is the way both sustain the interest of the audience. Watch it only if you are a Sci – Fi monger and have a lot of time to waste.

A 1/5 and a thumbs down for Source Code


1. If he can alter details in the past, why can’t he alter the result of the past.

2. For heaven’s sake, why Russell Peters did this movie?

Ask these questions, when you watch the movie.


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  1. source code is a movie credible for its critical analyst on its own n nt 2 b compared 2 inception. Its a low budget sci-fi movie n its a bold 1 as u said it reveals too muc too early but even by doing tat it stil manages 2 hold the thrills n its passion 2 suprise. N the climax cud bring the tears(i almost did it) tumbling down jus by 1 shot, 1 scene. It is a superb n rare movie in execution nt by the story though, its praise n positive critics r well earned(rottentomatoes n others). Another new movie even bette in the heart of greatest in sci-fi genre is looper.


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