Road movies make an interesting watch only when the audience are made to travel along with the lead protagonists. If the audience are as lost as the lead protagonists like in Udhayam NH4, let the road gods save them. Probably some of you may like the movie by calling it fast paced and entertaining but I have a problem with the basic premise itself.

Udhayam NH4 starts as if it's a kidnap thriller when Rithika (Ashrita Shetty) is taken by Siddharth (Prabhu) after the final exams. Rithika's father Avinash, one of the prominent politicians from Karnataka takes the help of Manoj Menon (Kay Kay Menon), an encounter specialist. Manoj plans to rescue the girl and kill Prabhu's gang. He also needs to get back home for his son's birthday party. What starts as a simple kidnapping encounter turns out to be a wild goose chase for Manoj. In due course, Manoj finds out that Prabhu and Rithika are in love and are eloping from her father. Whether Prabhu and Rithika made it to Chennai from Bangalore is said in the most predictable way you can ever see.

Once you are revealed why both Prabhu and Rithika are on the run (that's 15 min in to the movie), your interest in the movie goes for a toss. And the reason is so trivial that you cringe with the sense of exasperation and call for the movie to end in the next 10 minutes. But you are not spared for the next hour and 45 minutes. Udhayam NH4 is so predictable and the way every time Prabhu and Manoj explain how they worked out a particular strategy(!) is boring. As the love between Prabhu and Rithika is not well established, you don't feel like rooting for them to succeed. And you don't understand why Manoj Menon is running behind these people even after knowing the truth. So ultimately you don't know why the movie in first place.

Siddharth looks like a stone all through the movie while Ashrita gets to shout “Prabhu” in high pitch voice and say “I like you” in soft pitched voice. Nothing else to do. The only reprieve in the whole process is the acting of Kay Kay Menon who is as brilliant as he can be in this jaded screenplay. His interactions with his wife on the mobile is well conceived. While the most interesting song from Gana Bala comes at the most unwanted time, Yaaro Ivan is templatish. But GV Prakash is so loud in background score that you end up having a headache (I really had one!) . The mix of genres you hear in the background – Phew!!! The blatant errors in lip synch and time lapse are extremely surprising.

Udhayam NH4 is what a road movie should not be – dull, boring and predictable. I don't think it could have been better because the basic premise itself is flawed. I go with 1/5 for Udhayam NH4 – watch it at your own peril.

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