1. First things first, can we have a ban on naming the new movies with classic titles? These are disgraces to the originals
2. If you are remaking a movie from another language, you don’t need to copy the flaws in the screenplay too. You can also reduce the length of the movie
3. I believe audience needs to know when the hero and the heroine fell in love atleast through hints. You never understand why the hero is so much in love that he risks his life and enters her house
4. For the good of all music lovers, can someone ban Vijay Antony from making music ?(sorry sound pollution). Mr. Vijay Antony, If you are copying something, please do it perfectly
5. Mr. Director, did you have asst. directors who would take care of the continuity in the movie? If you had, why such a ruckus with the doors in the first car chase and what happened to that red t-shirt girl, who was with them till they buy the dress from the shop?
uthamaputhiran movie review by Sylvianism

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6. Mr.Director, you could have taken a half hour comedy show with Vivek (the only good thing about the movie) for Aditya or Sirippoli instead of wasting the producer’s money and our time
7. I never thought someone can do a disaster in casting. So many characters wasted and every scene looks like you got in to a temple festival
8. Miss. Genelia, when are you going to say no to your stereotypical casting? You are quite talented to say no to such typecasting. Mr. Dhanush, when are you going to realise that you are getting in to a big hole like what Mr. Vijay did?
9. Directors, please leave the DDLJ mould of stories. It’s ultra boring and people have moved on
10. There are 100 more reasons why this film is yet another dud of the year. I cant waste my time (yours too)  and space in the blog. So stopping it here
You still want the rating?  – ok may be a 1 out of 5 for Vivek. You can see those scenes in TV channels.

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