Avasara Police 100 is a 1990 movie directed by Bhagyaraj with Gautami and Silk Smitha as heroines. It had Nambiar and used a footage of unfinished MGR film. It’s the story of one identical twin impersonating the wimpy other, who is a policeman. The younger makes all heroics while the elder takes the fame. I can see you asking why such a description in a review of Vettai. Lingusamy’s Vettai takes some heavy inspiration from Avasara Police 100 and provides a terribly cliched masala caper.

Thirumoorthy (Madhavan) is the wimpy elder brother, always clings on to his younger brother Gurumoorthy (Arya) to fight out for him. Thiru gets the police job of his father after his demise in service, which he takes after persuasion from Guru. Thiru encounters city goon, Annachi (Ashutosh Rana – a pathetic debut) and his henchman. Guru impersonates his brother, fights the goons while Thiru get the laurels. Thiru marries Vasanthi (Sameera Reddy) while Guru falls in love with her Sister Jayanthi (Amala Paul – in her glamour avatar).  How the brothers hunt down the goons and clean the city is told in a so called “Comedy – Action” movie.

The only person who does action and comedy in the movie is Arya. As an actor, Arya has improveda lot from his Arindhum Ariyamalum days. The comic sense is natural and he is the pivot of the proceedings in Vettai.  But he is unintentionally funny, when he tries to mouth some punch dialogues to the villain. Arya, please don’t take that horrible route. Madhavan, as a wimpy policeman scores in some scenes but looks completely out of place in the latter half of the movie. Sameera’s character promises to have some material in the movie but ends up as an dampener while Amala Paul cake walks her first glamour role ( nothing else to say about her role)

Lingusamy wants Vettai to be everything.  He wants it to tickle you, cry, ogle and jump with joy. But he has taken an age old story and given it in the same old form. The cliched sequences and stereotypical portrayals bore you to the core. A villain, who shouts at every possible moment and clueless about his goons getting bashed (whattay terrible debut to an actor I respect, Ashutosh Rana). A love that starts at the first sight and continues because of a voyeuristic moment for the hero. 6 Song sequences at director’s will and what’s worse is multiplexes don’t allow you to smoke inside (another terrible music score from Yuvan except for “PaPa Pa Pa”). Idiotic goons, who have “Day” Blindness as they can’t find the difference between Arya and Madhavan (Arya wears a yellow raincoat jacket with hood to beat them up.Thoppai parthu kuda kandu pidika mudiyalaya!!!). A Sentiment overflow scene, in which the younger brother gets beaten up to make the elder brother walk (Uss abba!!!). An attempted rape scene,  in which the heroine sways in from one end to the other in sareeless avatar ( Watch yesteryear movie rape scenes in YouTube for reference) and final Kannamba moment (Watch Manohara for reference) for another heroine where she inspires the heroes to kill the villain,  although she is in pain. What could have been a hilarious rib-tickler, has become a yawn. Lingusamy has steadily become as one of the illogical movie directors of our times and the worst part is, he continues to get movies.

If you have seen all these above mentioned scenes and still say Vettai is a good movie to watch, please stop reading my blog.  For better laughs, watch Avasara Polic 100 by Bhagyaraj, a lot better movie than this ( Same story boss!)

Vettai – old wine in a old bottle with a bad taste
A 1/5 just for Arya’s performance

1. I read that the movie was reviewed in NY Times. I was confused whether it’s worth to review in my blog.
2. Can the director please reveal What “sarakku” the villain group were smuggling in Tamil Nadu? The whole movie they refer it to “sarakku” and they smuggle it in big wooden boxes
3.I also like to know the secret behind love at first sight (with dress and naked forms) from the director

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