Sylvianism has been a space where I shared my love, hate, views and skews for the past 9 years. And without the support of you readers, it would have been impossible to run this blog for so long. I have run this blog without any monetisation – no Google adsense, no ad networks or paid reviews. It will remain the same until I can write. Now, I like this blog to cover more topics, more thoughtful insights and even different media formats (Podcasts, Videos).

New Logo

The first step towards that was to standardise the brand identity. Sylvianism has become a humble blog brand that I built over the years. So, finally…

sylvianism_logo_header sylvianism logo

The lower case was carefully chosen as it exudes casual and informal vibe towards my readers.

Email subscribers

I have a huge bunch of email subscribers who read my posts on their inboxes. So far I have been using the WordPress Email delivery system to deliver these emails to your inboxes. There are more chances of my emails getting in to Junk and Spam because of the inefficient WordPress system. If you want to read more about it, see the below link

Why You Should Never Use WordPress to Send Newsletter Emails

After a long deliberation, I am moving the email delivery system to MailChimp – free, efficient and in the long run will help me to build a better list of subscribers.

What changes?

Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

You will get my emails whenever I post an article. In fact, probably it might reach you unlike last few years. If you are not getting my emails, please check your Junk or Bulk folder – whitelist my contact.

There are many options to read the blog posts and here are some of them…

1. Email Subscription

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2. RSS Feeds

3. Readers

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Guest Blogging

So in order to increase variety of topics and different view points, Sylvianism will see some new guest bloggers. In fact, there is going to be an interesting anonymous blogger who is going to post some hilarious posts on Indian movie songs. Hope you love it.

Please provide feedback and topics you like to see on Sylvianism and I will try to bring in guest authors.

It’s going to be an interesting road ahead 🙂

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