Goa is one of my favorite places..In fact it will top the list in my most favourite tourist destinations in India. I am little bit worried and concerned with the way it is projected in the media for the past few days because of the Scarlett Keeling case.. I don’t think i have to explain about the case as it has been discussed, debated and deliberated… I have some thoughts about the way it was done…

1. The Police and Politicking politicians:

Whether the girl is Indian, foreigner or even alien, the girl was raped and murdered and its the responsibility of the police to give a fair trial to the case. Here they were not even trying to find the culprits as they were from a drug mafia which has a huge nexus with the police. All the drug mafias in this world have connection with their local police and none of the govts will be able to stop them…. When a case like this come up, they have to answer the media and the people… As long as the corrupted policeman and politicians are there, there will be such cases coming up all over the world…

2. The drugs and prostitution in Goa

The drugs and prostitution is there in all the places, leave alone Goa its there in nook and corner of the Indian cities. YOu want to smoke a pot or weed or even heavy drugs, you can even get it in the streets of Chennai… When myself and my friends went for a vacation in Goa, we saw how a prostitute tries entice men in to it and how men are roaming around to find a prostitute… And the same thing happens in Mumbai and Delhi…It shows up easily in Goa because it has beaches where its easy for them to work out their business… These things cannot be stopped instead its better to be legalised like what has been done in Thailand, Belgium and other countries.. Stopping drugs is individual choice because you can’t try and stop people from selling it but you can definitely stop people from taking it…

3. Bad Parenting of Fiona?

The British press has been accusing Fiona for bad parenting of Scarlett. People make mistakes and the mistake Fiona did was trusting two friends of Scarlett. She thought her girl will be safe with those people and everybody in this world make mistakes. You, me, people around us, Bill Clinton, Mahatma Gandhi and even Jesus Christ…But what costed her was her child, which is irreparable  loss. Can the British press give back her child and the amount of Teenage pregnancy is increasing at a rapid pace in Britain, so you mean to say all these mothers are bad parents…British Press is as hypocritic as ever…



Grow up people, hats of to her for coming up in public and fighting for justice, you can’t count the number of cases which goes unreported every day. From now on, its a lesson for parents to counsel their children on sex, sex education, pregnancy and drugs… Not only for the foreigners but also the parents in India…

4. Unsafe Goa?

This is the utter nonsense of all. If you want to have safe place in this world, you have either go to  Arctic or Antarctic glaciers, even there is a problem of glaciers getting melted. The girls are not safer in New Delhi than in Goa..In every place there is a problem and when there is a problem there is always a solution to it. When you have country where you say sex is taboo, you can’t talk sex in public, you will be against sex education and you will not legalise sex workers, the first thing that comes to the mind of a guy when he sees a girl in lonely place is to have sex. He never wants to see a girl as a girl…And it will continue untill you keep the sex as a tabooed secret…

Any place is a safe place unless and untill you don’t want it to be safer…Goa is a wonderful place and people love it..Thats why it remains as the number one tourist destination in India… DON’T KILL IT…


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  1. You have very succinctly laid out the relevant points that needs to be looked into. But I differ on one point–girls are much more safer in Goa than in New Delhi. I am from Goa. I have been to Delhi and any girl can tell the difference of male attitudes in both states. Your point that no one is actually safe anywhere in the world is an absolute truth and a final reality. Cheerio!


  2. Hey Trinka
    Thanks for the comment… I just compared the average crime against women in both the places and made that point…But the the truth is no one is safe anywhere in this world…


  3. Hey Patrick, It is so nice to hear someone actually speak out for Goa even though they r not from there, Everyone asks me about Goa being a safe place and my only response is; “Goa is as safe as any other place in the world”. Feels so good to know that there are others with the same point of view as me. I am Goan and will always love Goa.


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